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Townships in Hancock Co.
Surrounding Counties
How to Obtain a Library Card

1)  Live in the Vernon Township of Hancock County

2)  If you do live in Vernon Township, you must have a driver's license or a piece of mail with your current address along with a photo ID

**The Fortville mailing address extends into Madison and Hamilton counties and into the surrounding Townships. 
Check below to see if you qualify for a Fortville Library Card.

Vernon Twp. Boundaries
WEST - County Road 700 W
EAST - Meridian Rd 0 (E and W)
*Any road number West and less than 6000N is not Vernon Twp.
*Any road number East & 6000-11000N is not Vernon Twp.

NORTH - 11000 North
*Any address that ends in any number South is not Vernon Twp.
SOUTH - 600 North
*Must Live on the North Side of 600 to be in Vernon Twp.
Stansbury Addition is on the South Side.

Reciprocal Borrowing

Pendleton Community Library - Madison County
The Fortville Library has a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Pendleton Library.  Those living in the Pendleton Library's jurisdiction must acquire a library card with them first before one may obtain a library card with us.

Hancock County Public Library - Greenfield
The Fortville Library was established in 1918 to serve the people of Vernon Township. We are not a part of the Hancock County Library.  However, any Hancock County Library patron may come and use our library so long as the patron has established a card with the Hancock County Library first.

PLAC Cards

What is a PLAC card?
A PLAC card, or Public Library Access Card, is a card issued by the State of Indiana which, once purchased at the patron's home library, gives the holder access to any library in the State of Indiana.  The card is good for one year from its purchase date.  The card must be renewed and the fee paid every year.

How much is a PLAC card?
$65.00     *The fee changes from year to year.



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