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 Genealogy Brooks Cemetery   

Brooks Cemetery

Fishers, IN
Fall Creek Twp., Hamilton County, IN

(Located on the west-side of Olio Road between E. 96th Street and 104th Street.)

It is said the Madison Brooks (father of Robert Brooks who died in the Civil War in Annapolis, MD and was the first interment at the Brooks Cemetery) fenced off a plot and set it aside as a family cemetery.  Madison Brooks tried to interest his family in the cemetery's future.  He even purchased an abandoned church on the opposite side of the road and had it moved across the road to the land just south of the cemetery to be used for funerals.  Only two funerals are thought to have happened there: Albert Brooks (Madison's son) and Madison's own funeral.  Madison set aside about an acre of land for his proposed new cemetery and had it fenced.  Unfortunately, Madison's idea was not very enthusiastically received by the rest of his family.  The heirs disposed of the church and the fence.  Currently, the cemetery is surrounded by IMI (Irving Materials Inc.) and some new homes.  When a proposal came through to widen Olio Road, many feared that the cemetery would need to be relocated.  Thankfully, the road will go around the cemetery.


Brooks Albert S. 16 Nov. 1897 36y 24d Albert shares a monument with Emeline and Estella
Brooks Catharine A. 20 Jan. 1875 23y 10m 17d Dau. Of Nehemiah & Julia
Brooks Claricy M. 12 Mar. 1877 29y 7m 7d Wife of S.M., On same monument as S.M., Amanda M., Garretia F., & Sylvanus
Brooks Eddie Oct. 1880 9m Son of A.S. & E.
Brooks Effie A. Dau. Of S.M. & C.M.
Brooks Elizabeth 4 Jun. 1879 82y 3m 7d Wife of John
Brooks Elizabeth J. (Barnard) 3rd wife of Madison m. 20 Mar. 1879 divorced 15 Sep. 1907
Brooks Elsie Aug. 1881 6m Dau of A.S. & E.
Brooks Emeline 11 Sep. 1883 21y 5m 26d Wife of A.S., On monument with Albert S., & Estella
Brooks Estella 21 Nov. 1895 13y 3m 15d Shares monument with Albert S. & Emeline
Brooks Madison 5 Sep. 1814 27-May-1909 Masonic Emblem
Brooks Mary Jane (Hare) 23 Sep. 1873 49y 26d 2nd Wife of Madison m. 20 Dec. 1855
Brooks Robert 13 Dec. 1864 25y 9m 24d Corporal, Co. B, 2nd Ind. Cav. Died in Annapolis MD
Brooks S. M. 18 Feb. 1898 62y 4m 9d Co. A, 11th Ind.
Evans Amos 4 Jul. 1866 8 Aug. 1889
Evans (Infant) 28 Jan. 1900 29 Jan. 1900 1d Infant son of A. & N.J.
Graham Francis 24 Jul. 1894 83y
Graham Stilwell 22 Oct. 1894 82y
Myers Emily 16 Jan. 1874 27y 6m 5d Wife of Samuel D.
Brooks Garrettia F. Shares monument face with Effie A. and Sylvanus
Brooks Amanda M. no dates Shares monument with Effie A., Garretia F., & Sylvanus
Brooks Sylvanus 2 Oct. 1876 2m 2d Shares monument face with Effie A. and Garretia F.
Brooks Phebe R. (Layton) 20 May 1880 17 Jun. 1900 Wife of Eben Harvey Brooks
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