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 Genealogy Cauldwell   

Cauldwell Cemetery

800 N 300 W
Fortville, IN 46040

(Located 1 mile West of Mt. Vernon
High School on Hwy 234)
Cauldwell Cemetery
Compiled by: Thelma B Cunningham  
Typed: 28-Apr-1984      
Brokaw, William P. 17-Jul-1832 07-Dec-1879  
Brokaw, Martha 11-Jan-1834 31-Jul-1902  
Brokaw, Harvey Carter 16-Sep-1857 20-Oct-1940  
Brokaw, Mary Bills 14-Aug-1856 23-Jan-1930  
Brokaw, Viola Marie (dau.)   08-Apr-1871  
Brokaw, James M. (son)   04-Jan-1875  
Brokaw, Elnora May (dau.)   30-Apr-1879 4y 11m 26d
Cauldwell, Clarey Jan 1875 30-Jan-1875 Dau. of J.A. & S.A. (1 day)
Cauldwell, Clinton 07-Dec-1870 1946  
Cauldwell, David   19-Feb-1858 94y 2m 15d
Cauldwell, Hannah   07-Feb-1850 86y 4m 29d
Cauldwell, Eliza 16-Apr-1857 5-Sep-1943  
Cauldwell, Harvey 23-Oct-1831 2-Jan-1910  
Cauldwell, Prudence Ann 1832 1914  
Cauldwell, Della (dau.)   15-Feb-1863 1y 8m 11d
Cauldwell, Jennie L. (twin) 1941 1941  
Cauldwell, Julie A. (twin) 1941 1941  
Cauldwell, William 13-May-1804 02-Dec-1887  
Cauldwell, Sarah 26-Nov-1807 12-Nov-1889  
Cauldwell, George (son) 15-Dec-1841 01-Mar-1866 24y 2m 14d
Cauldwell, Mark (son) 26-Sep-1849 03-Aug-1863 13y 10m 8d
Cauldwell, Sanford (son) 08-Aug-1839 30-Mar-1846 6y 7m 22d
Cauldwell, Infant   18-Mar-1890 Son of J.C. & L.A.
Myers, Persis 30-Nov-1799 01-Feb-1888  
Myers, Sophia O. (dau.) 11-Jun-1836 27-Dec-1905 Dau. of Persis
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