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 Genealogy Fort   

Fort Cemetery
Fortville, IN 46040
(Hamilton County)

~Located on 1025 S.
Turn left in front of Gravel Lawn,
wind your way along 1025 S.
Cemetery is less than 1/2 mile from Hwy 238.
Fort Cemetery

The land for this cemetery originally belonged to Peter Staats (1806-1869).  Mr. Staats gave the land to the Methodist Church in 1841.  A log church was built and it was called Staat's cemetery and church.  When the town of Fortville was founded in 1849 by Cephas Fort (1800-1869), the congregation moved into town.  So the log church was torn down, and the logs were used for making sidewalks.  The cemetery name was changed to West Staats.  (Another smaller cemetery holds other Staat family members and was believed to be called East Staats, now Doty Cemetery.)  Later the West Staats Cemetery was changed again to Fort Cemetery in honor of Cephas Fort who is buried there.  Many other prominent families of early Fortville are buried here as well.
~Historical information courtesy of Lloyd Fuqua.

***The information and current list were made using 3 Fort Cemetery lists found on library shelf.  

Two are obviously photocopied from books.  Though no other information is given, they are believed to be 1) a record made my Dr. Earl Brooks in 1949-1950, and 2) a list by Patricia Gibbs in 1984, which alphabetized and indexed Dr. Brooks' work.  The third list is an update made in 2001 by Judy Mehaffey.

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Alfrey, Earnest L   Aug 1873   Child of E.H.
Alfrey, Myrtle D.   9-Feb-1877   Dau. Of E.H. & S.P.
Alfrey, Nancy 14-Nov-1847 3-Jul-1873 25y 7m 19d Child of E.H.
Amick, Little May 2-Mar-1878 14-Aug-1878    
Amick, Lydia 20-Aug-1855 3-Nov-1855 2m 14d  
Ammerman, Lydia F. 31-May-1834 20-Jan-1860 25y 7m 20d Wife of John
Ammerman, Stephen 25-Jul-1838 16-Mar-1864 39y 7m 7d  
Bailey, Mary   18-Sep-1855   Wife of Samuel
Baker, (Infant) 28-Apr-1873 abt. 1873   Son of ? & Carrie
Baker, Jennie 19-Dec-1844 20-Nov-1873   Dau. Of Rev. Thomas & Roanna
Baker, Lissa   22-Jun-1871   Wife of William
Barnard, Claudie 30-Dec-1879 12-Jul-1880 6m 12d Child of L. & J.
Barnard, (Infant)   21-Jan-1877   Dau. Of L. & J.
Barnard, (Infant)   12-Apr-1875   Son of L. & J.
Barnard, Lula L. 12-Feb-1878 27-Jul-1878 5m 15d Child of L. & J.
Barnes, Amanda 1858 1941   with John W.
Barnes, John W. 1823 1888    
Beaver, Easter 15-Apr-1900 5-Aug-1901    
Beaver, Eli 10-Dec-1842 16-Oct-1920    
Beaver, Nancy L. 5-Mar-1859 31-Aug-1921    
Beaver, Raymond 14-Oct-1892 29-Sep-1896    
Behman, Henry 10-Oct-1840 29-Aug-1898    
Behman, Henry S.   no dates    
Behman,(Infant) 1887 1887   Son of H. & M.
Behman, Lizzie 2-Oct-1877 10-Jul-1878 9m 8d Dau. Of H. & M.
Behman, Maggie     10y 3m 3d  
Bicknell, Lewis T. 14-Nov-1802 14-Jan-1876    
Bills, Fred 1877 1878    
Bills, Freddie 19-Jul-1881 20-Sep-1883 2y 2m 1d Son of Nelson & Anna
Bills, Herman 1855 1882    
Bills, Sarah 1842 1888    
Bills, William S. 1829 1900    
Boden, Martha 24-Dec-1826 31-Aug-1909    
Brewster, John W. 10-May-1827 6-May-1889   with Maria J.
Brewster, Martha J. 22-Aug-1825 26-Sep-1903    
Browning, John Wood 28-Apr-1852 3-Oct-1872   Son of H.M. & H.E.
Buskirk, Charles H. 1-Aug-1879 21-Jan-1880 5m 20d Son of L.F. & L.A.
Button, Thomas M. 18-Apr-1840 3-Feb-1868 27y 9m 16d  
Button, William 6-Oct-1867 14-Feb-1895 27y 4m 8d Son of Thomas & Sarah
Carns, (Babies)   13-Aug-1873   Children of Rev. J.B.& Belle
Cauldwell, Mary A. 25-May-1850 8-Jun-1851 1y 14d Dau. Of P.P. & Ruth
Chitwood, Amos L.   24-Sep-1864 2y 2m 10d Son of E.K. & M.
Chitwood, Callie 22-Aug-1856 22-Jul-1923    
Chitwood, J. D. 1849 1935    
Chitwood, James A. 11-Dec-1888 1-Jul-1898   Son of Joseph and Callie
Chitwood, Maggie 6-Oct-1852 8-Jul-1872   Dau. Of E.K. & M.
Chitwood, Virginia 30-Jul-1851 16-Oct-1872   Dau. Of E.K. & M.
Clampitt, Edward B. 3-Aug-1837 11-Jan-1880 42y 5m 8d  
Clampitt, Frank 8-May-1859 7-May-1873   Son of E.B. & A.M.
Clampitt, Frank 29-Oct-1885 3-Aug-1886 9m 5d  
Cook, Elizabeth 7-Oct-1861 21-Dec-1902    
Cook, Isabelle 22-Sep-1886 22-Mar-1887 6m  
Cook, Kate   no dates   with M.R.
Cook, M.R.   no dates   with Kate
Cottrel, Frankie 18-Mar-1889 18-Mar-1889    
Cottrel, Mary 1-Dec-1883 4-Jun-1885 1y 6m 3d Dau. Of T.M. & R.
Cottrell, Rosalie   no dates    
Cottrell, Thomas M. 1854 1941    
Crouch, Allie W. 22-Oct-1867 28-Oct-1871 4y 6d Dau. Of L.W. & S.E.
Crouch, Bessie R. 20-Jul-1882 17-Aug-1882 28d Dau. Of L.W. & S.E.
Crouch, Mariah 19-Mar-1846 7-Nov-1872 26y 7m 19d Wife of L.W.
Crouch, Sarah J. 11-Dec-1850 8-Nov-1892   Wife of L.W.
Davis, Addison G. 17-Aug-1829 22-Jan-1915   Masonic Emblem
Davis, Cynthia A. 3-Jan-1833 23-Feb-1897   Wife of Addison - Eastern Star
Davis, Mary I. 27-May-1837 26-May-1899   Wife of A.G.
D'Camp, Frankie LeRoy 10-Dec-1872 25-Mar-1874   Son of S. E. & A.I.
D'Camp, James Willie Sep-1870 Sep-1870 2d Child of S. E. & A.I.
Duncan, India 8-Mar-1846 13-Mar-1846 5d Dau. Of Hiram & Martha
Duncan, Martha Jane 19-Jan-1820 5-May-1874 54y 3m 16d Wife of Hiram
Edwards, Bertram 10-Jan-1870 6-Mar-1870   Son of J.S. & R.
Edwards, Joseph L. 24-Aug-1851 28-Oct-1879   Son of J.S. & R.
English, Charles 29-Nov-1821 2-Sep-1851   Son of the Jonahan & Susanna
Enoch, Harriet Jul-1846 2-Aug-1846    
Enoch, (Infant)   no dates   Son of S. & J.
Enoch, Marcellus   no dates   Son of S. & J.
Enoch, Margaret   no dates   Dau. Of S. & J.
Enoch, Rachel 22-Jul-1847 23-Sep-1847 2m 1d  
Enoch, Sarah Nov-1821 9-Nov-1851 30y Wife of John
Faucett, Erma L. 14-Jan-1879 11-Feb-1879 28d Dau. Of R.B. & Anna E.
Faucett, (Infant)   1922    
Faucett, Maudie 9-Jun-1888 29-Nov-1889 2y 5m 20d Dau. Of R.B. & Anna E.
Faucett, Maxine 1923 1925    
Fausset, Amanda E. 12-Dec-1844     with Riley B.
Fausset, Riley B. 2-Oct-1842 27-Jan-1902    
Fausset, Samuel 12-May-1812 23-Aug-1881 69y 3m 17d  
Fausset, Sarah A. 23-May-1814 17-Jul-1885 71y 1m 24d Wife of Samuel
Felts, Francis   no dates   Dau. Of J. & C.
Ferrell, Vachel W. 30-Jul-1846 20-Feb-1851 4y 9m 20d Son of J. & C.
Ferrell, Eugene H. 8-Sep-1875 12-Nov-1878 3y 4d Child of J.W. & P.E.
Ferrell, Floyd H. 18-Jan-1878 24-Jul-1878 6m 6d Child of J.W. & P.E.
Ferrell, Viola M. 18-Jun-1871 17-May-1872 10m 29d Child of J.W. & P.E.
Fletcher, Nancy   11-Mar-1853   Dau. Of Elias & Nancy
Foley, Henry   no dates    
Foley, Sarah 26-Aug-1836 1-Mar-1869 32y 6m 3d Wife of William H.
Foley, William H.   no dates   Lt. Co. H,  2nd Ind. Cav.
Ford, (Infant) 15-Jun-1851 16-Jun-1851 1d Son of L.M.
Fort, Ann Parkhurst 24-Dec-1809 20-Aug-1861 51y 7m 27d Wife of Cephas, Dau. Of Jacob Parkhurst
Fort, Anna M. 1839 1878   Wife of Parkhurst
Fort, Cephas 1800 22-Feb-1869 69y Hus. Of Ann Parkhurst, Son of James Jacobus Fort
Fort, Cephas O. 1906 1984    
Fort, Elizabeth 2-Aug-1812 19-Jun-1859 46y 10m 17d Wife of Francis
Fort, Eva Belle 10-Mar-1866 12-Mar-1886 20y 2d Wife of C.O.
Fort, Henry C. abt. 1845     Co. B, 2nd Ind. Cav., Son of Cephas & Ann, Hus. Of Ann Murray
Fort, James E.   no dates    
Fort, Lina Myrtle 28-Feb-1872 9-Sep-1873 1y 6m 12d Dau. Of Henry & M.A.
Fort, Martha C. 1877 1886   Dau. Of Parkhurst & Anna
Fort, Phebe (Fausset) 1835     Unmarked, Wife of Rickey D.
Fort, Rickey D.   4-Jan-1869 34y 4m 27d Son of Cephas & Ann, Hus. Of 1)Phebe Faucett & 2) Ann Ward
Garrett, Joseph 4-Jan-1849 11-May-1934    
Garrett, Mary E. 12-Oct-1850 17-Oct-1875    
Garrett, Nancy J. 9-Aug-1852 31-May-1872    
Garrett, Rebecca 20-Nov-1816 20-Sep-1892 75y 10m Wife of James
Gavender, John W. 6-Jul-1851 27-Aug-1871 20y 1m 21d Son of B.H. & M.A.
Gavender, Perry O. 7-Nov-1848 2-Nov-1871 22y 11m 26d Son of B.H. & M.A.
Gehman, Henry 10-Oct-1840 29-Aug-1896    
Ghodrick, Anna 1827 5-Aug-1897   See Goodrich, Anna
Ghodrick, Eliza Dec-1804 31-May-1850 45y 5m Wife of William
Ghodrick, Elizabeth   no dates   with William & Eliza
Ghodrick, William 29-Mar-1813 8-Apr-1886 73y 10d  
Ginder, Mary 25-Jan-1796 2-Jan-1877   with Michael
Ginder, Michael 29-Sep-1794 1-Oct-1875    
Girt, Floyd   23-Feb-1927   Ind. Pvt., 334 Inf. 84 Div.
Girt, George W. 1839 1919   with Nancy
Girt, Jasper   12-Sep-1888 20y 4m 14d Son of G.W. & Nancy
Girt, Nancy 1844 1937    
Goldsmith, Gardner 16-Nov-1812 30-Sep-1889    
Goldsmith, Joseph 4-Jul-1849 11-May-1934    
Goldsmith, Margret C. 1-Jan-1854 26-Dec-1928    
Goldsmith, Sarah 25-Feb-1820 24-Feb-1902   Wife of Gardner
Goodrich, Anna 1827 5-Aug-1897 70y  
Goodrich, John H.   no dates   Son of William & Eliza
Goodrich, Mary J.   no dates   Dau. Of Willam & Mary
Goodrich, Rebecca 18-Feb-1843 2-May-1848 5y 2m 14d  
Guirl, Charles A. 24-Sep-1836 28-Mar-1870 33y 5m 26d  
Guirl, Mary 13-Nov-1832 10-Oct-1884 51y 10m 27d Wife of Charles A.
Gwynn, Elizabeth 3-Apr-1822 19-Aug-1862   Wife of Joseph
Gwynn, Everett 5-Apr-1884 20-Aug-1884 4m 15d Son of J. & C.
Gwynn, Gevila 31-May-1859 31-Mar-1903   Wife of J.S.
Gwynn, John H. 21-Sep-1850 31-May-1861 10y 8m 10d Son of Joseph & Mary
Gwynn, Joseph 19-Mar-1868 29-Apr-1900 32y 1m 10d Hus. Of R.
Gwynn, Josephus 23-Apr-1815 30-Apr-1868    
Gwynn, Mary 1-Nov-1825 2-May-1855 29y 6m 1d Wife of Josephus
Gwynn, Mary E. 1856 1937    
Gwynn, Merica 6-Aug-1857 19-Jan-1877   Wife of Jessie, With Addison & Cynthia Davis
Gwynn, William T. 20-Mar-1859 19-May-1860 1y 1m 28d Son of Joseph & Elizabeth
Hanna Frederick Carnes 20-Feb-1872 27-Feb-1873   Son of G.A. & A.E.
Helms, Rebecca Ann 9-Mar-1824 22-Mar-1854   Wife of Davis W.
Henderson, Sarah 2-Mar-1811 15-Jun-1852 41y 3m 13d Wife of W.
Holmes, Squire W. 8-Sep-1845 21-Nov-1879 34y 2m 13d  
Hudson, Elizabeth M 1857 1860    
Hudson, Ellen 1854 1856    
Hudson, Harrison 1817 1878    
Hudson, John E. 1855 1856    
Humphries, Cynthia 5-Jul-1820 19-Apr-1901    
Humphries, Henry 23-Aug-1814 9-Dec-1894 80y 3m 16d  
Humphries, James 5-Oct-1845 23-Aug-1880 34y 10m 18d  
Humphries, John W. 14-Jun-1843 2-Jun-1875    
Humphries, Linnie 1846 18-Feb-1881 35y Wife of John
Humphries, Lizzie Jul-1869 29-Aug-1869 1m Dau. Of J.C.
Humphries, Maud 1867 1896    
Huston, Harman 17-Jun-1891 19-Oct-1920    
Huston, Mary 16-Dec-1858 30-Jul-1918   Wife of William
Huston, Rebecca 12-Jan-1854 24-Dec-1887   Dau. Of G.M. & C. Stewart
Jackson, Virgina G. 30-Nov-1821 5-May-1888 66y 5m 5d Wife of A.G.
Jeffrey, James 27-Nov-1867 28-Oct-1886 18y 11m 1d Son of Levi & Charlotte
Jeffrey, Levi 18-Nov-1821 8-Feb-1878 56y 2m 21d  
Jenkins, Jas.   no dates   Co. F, 36 Ind. Inf.
Jones, Davis   illegible   Son of Paul & M.J.
Jones, Elizabeth   20-Feb-1847   Consort of Sherman P.
Jones, Elizabeth 3-Feb-1848 13-Sep-1855 7y 7m 10d Dau. Of S.P. & Elizabeth
Jones, Helen Mar 3-Jun-1809 3-Jan-1850 40y 7m ?d Wife of Sherman
Kappas, Andrew 1-Jul-1856 27-Jan-1892 35y 6m 26d with Ernstine
Kappas, Ernstine E. 17-Feb-1821 11-Apr-1902    
Kellum, Ettie M. 28-Jan-1864 5-Aug-1881 17y 6m 8d Dau. Of R. & M.
Kellum, Rolston   26-Jan-1899    
Kernan, Wesley Jacob   30-Jan-1978    
Klaiss, Mollie Girt 1870 1960    
Lamb, Elbert Leon 28-Feb-1882 27-Dec-1890   Son of E. & S.L.
Lamb, Enoch, MD 17-Jan-1836 21-Jun-1928    
Lenz, Caroline 20-Sep-1843 20-Jun-1887 43y 9m Dau. Of E. & C.
Lenz, Fanny 15-Nov-1861 23-Oct-1875   Dau. Of Emil & Caroline
Lewis, Thomas E. 30-Jun-1856 26-Apr-1880 23y 9m 26d  
Lindamood, John 1788 5-Oct-1868 80y U.S. Navy
Lunsford, Barbary 1829 15-Jan-1851 22y ?m 1d Wife of James M.
Lunsford, Bennet F. 20-Jul-1857 14-Mar-1866 8y 7m 22d Son of E. & K.
Lunsford, Elizabeth 29-Nov-1788 11-Sep-1851 62y 9m 13d Wife of Jonathan
Lunsford, (Infant)   no dates    
Lunsford, James   no dates   Co. H, 12th Ind. Inf.
Lunsford, Jno   no dates   Co. E, 155th Ind. Inf.
Lunsford, John R. 2-Jul-1862 20-Oct-1863 1y 4m 18d Son of W.H. & M.C.
Lunsford, Martin   no dates   Co. I, 132 Ind. Inf.
Lutz, Elizabeth 19-Feb-1828 12-Feb-1898 69y 11m 24d Wife of Levi
Lutz, John Francis 23-Nov-1857 3-Nov-1872    
Lutz, Levi 6-Feb-1823 27-Jul-1878 55y 5m 21d  
Manford, Emily   20-Aug-1852 25y 6m 5d Wife of John
Manford, Lyda (Jones) 1829 8-Jun-1857 28y Wife of John
Manford, Rachel abt. 1852 23-May-1941   Wife of John
Manford, Seth 7-Jun-1850 11-Jun-1850 4d Son of J. & Lydia
Manford, William J.   illegible    
McCarty, Angeline 26-Jul-1835 28-May-1911    
McCarty, Dollie M.   4-Sep-1865    
McCarty, Samuel 17-Oct-1828 2-Apr-1915    
McCarty, Tracy P. 7-Oct-1876 26-Feb-1895 18y 4m 19d Son of S.A. & A.
McCarty, Walter 29-May-1868 28-Mar-1892 23y 9m 28d  
McConnell, Angie J. 27-Jul-1842 14-Apr-1874   Wife of J.P.
McNatt, Alice A. 16-Sep-1843 5-Jul-1900   Wife of Joseph
McNatt, Mary E. E. 13-Jan-1870 14-May-1877 7y 4m 1d Dau. Of J. & A.A.
McNatt, Wilber L. 6-May-1872 16-Mar-1873 10m 10d Son of J. & A.A.
Moon, John C. 17-Oct-1842 25-Feb-1881 38y 4m 8d  
Nagley, Albert 25-Jul-1866 9-Aug-1866 15d Son of J.W. & E.
Nagley, Henrietta 30-Jul-1857 30-Oct-1857 4m Dau. Of Mary F.
Nagley, Mary F.   30-Jun-1857 21y 11m 13d Wife of Jas. W.
Newhart, Elizabeth 1833 1903    
Newhart, Valentine 13-Jun-1802 22-May-1870   born: Germany, died: Fortville, IN
Noel, Thomas P. 25-Jan-1815 6-Dec-1889 74y 10m 11d (His wife is buried with him, but unmarked.)
Noel, Thomas R. S. 2-Oct-1911 19-Sep-1986    
Noel, Wanda (Kinnaman) 24-Jan-1911 19-Feb-1980   Wife of Thomas R. S., mar. 20-Dec-1935
Patterson, Charles 27-Mar-1864 16-Sep-1864 5m 20d Son of J.Z. & M.
Patterson, Clinton C. 5-Sep-1852 21-Jan-1876 23y 4m 16d Son of S.A. & M.M.
Patterson, Elvira W. 16-Jul-1859 17-Sep-1859 2m 1d Dau. Of J.Z. & M.
Patterson, Geneva 1884 1885    
Patterson, John 7-Sep-1800 1-Jan-1865 64y 3m 25d  
Patterson, John Z. 3-Jul-1831 24-Jan-1888 56y 6m 21d  
Patterson, Levi 15-Jan-1833 11-Aug-1910    
Patterson, Lurton D. 4-Aug-1856 9-Sep-1856 1m 5d Son of J.Z. & M.
Patterson, Mary A. 24-Oct-1838 4-Aug-1892   Wife of Levi
Patterson, Mary Eva 5-Nov-1860 6-Aug-1862 1y 9m 1d Dau. Of J.Z. &M.
Patterson, Morton W. 17-Nov-1863 15-Jun-1864 6m 29d Son of Levi & Mary Ann
Patterson, Rebecca E. 10-Dec-1858 4-Sep-1859 8m 25d Dau. Of J.Z. & M.
Patterson, Sarah A. 31-May-1861 22-Apr-1881 19y 10m 22d  
Perkins, A.D., Sr.   7-Jan-1909    
Perkins, Pollie   15-Jun-1877    
Pilkenton, John M. 9-May-1851 18-Aug-1874    
Pilkenton, Mary M. 19-Jul-1867 17-Oct-1891    
Pilkington, Elizabeth 13-Jul-1827 4-Sep-1907    
Pilkington, Jessie 22-Nov-1825 8-Aug-1886    
Pilkington Nancy R. 5-Jul-1848 10-Feb-1882 33y 7m 5d Wife of J. Blanton
Pilkington, Robbie 17-Jun-1886 24-Jun-1886   Son of A.G. & A.F.
Pool, Elizabeth 7-Feb-1836 5-Jan-1880 43y 10m 29d Wife of G.H.
Pool, J.W. 3-Oct-1855 16-Dec-1855 2m 13d Son of G.H. & E.
Pool, Mary E. 24-Aug-1876 14-Sep-1876 21d Dau. Of W.H. & D.T.
Pool, Robert 11-Feb-1806 5-Feb-1876 69y 11m 25d  
Pool, William H. 3-Jan-1862 26-Sep-1864 2y 8m 23d Son of Littie
Prentice, William L. 17-Oct-1854 15-Jan-1856 1y 2m 29d Son of C.S. & M.F.
Pyle, Abasom   no dates   Co. G, 12th Ind. Inf.
Radcliff, Joseph F. 22-Jun-1828 23-Dec-1855 27y 6m 1d  
Radcliff, Valentine 9-Jan-1824 16-Mar-1871 47y 2m 7d  
Reynolds, Henry Jan-1840 29-Jul-1875 35y 6m  
Reynolds, James 1841 27-Oct-1886 45y  
Richardson, Elizabeth S. 1844 1936    
Richardson, John W. 1840 1902   Gar. Co. 175, Ind. Inf. 61
Richardson, Joseph H. 19-Mar-1867 7-Feb-1900    
Roberts, Samuel 19-Mar-1864 20-Apr-1895 31y 1m 1d  
Royer, B.W., MD 3-Dec-1811 19-Mar-1881 69y 3m 16d Masonic Emblem
Royer, Lydia W. 15-Jun-1822 11-Aug-1896 74y 1m 27d Wife of Dr. B.W.
Rush, Charles Arthur 1879 1880   Son of William H. & H.J.
Schaub, Philip   no dates   Co. G, 116 Ohio Inf.
Schaup, Friedrich Nov-1852 Mar-1870 14y 4m  
Schaup, Mary C. 17-Aug-1795 31-Aug-1891    
Schaup, Phillip 7-Oct-1862 16-Aug-1881 18y 10m 9d  
Shaffer, Alfred B. 30-Sep-1838 17-Feb-1860 21y 4m 17d  
Shaffer, Andrew 25-Mar-1836 7-Jul-1889 53y 3m 12d  
Shaffer, Elizabeth 14-Aug-1809 12-Jul-1900    
Shaffer, India 5-Jan-1850 5-Nov-1869 19y 10m ?d Wife of John M.
Shaffer, Jacob   no dates   Co. G, 12th Ind. Inf.
Shaffer, James   no dates   Co. B, 9th Ind. Cav.
Shaffer, John 20-Sep-1802 28-Jan-1867 64y 4m 8d  
Shaffer, Martin 30-Sep-1813 27-Jan-1860 46y 3m 27d  
Shaffer, Matthias 1799 14-May-1879 80y Hus. Of Mary
Shaffer, Oscar (Osgah) 7-Nov-1851 19-Sep-1867    
Shaffer, Samuel 10-Nov-1807 10-Dec-1862 55y  
Shull, Jasper, R. 22-Mar-1869 24-Aug-1877   Son of F. & E.
Shull, Martha T. 15-May-1830 16-Feb-1856 25y 9m 1d Wife of Joseph
Shull, Mary 10-May-1810 23-Feb-1888 77y 9m 13d Wife of William
Shull, Sarah E. 4-May-1839 11-Oct-1867 28y 5m 7d Wife of John
Smail, Clara May Dec-1847 28-Jul-1850 2y 7m ?d Dau. Of J. & M.
Smith, Ruth 21-Feb-1844 21-Feb-1895   Wife of William J.
Smith, William J. 12-Apr-1844 20-Jan-1929    
Staats, Mary 6-Dec-1802 28-Sep-1881   Same stone as Peter
Staats, Peter 2-Nov-1805 6-Feb-1869 63y 3m 4d  
Stanford, Samantha E. 18-Nov-1856 20-Oct-1889 32y 11m 2d Wife of P.A.
Stewart, Christian 6-Mar-1821 30-Apr-1909 88y 1m 24d  
Stewart, George M. 8-Jan-1815 29-Jan-1856 41y 21d  
Stewart, Margaret E. 23-Jul-1845 5-Sep-1846 1y 1m 13d Dau. Of George & Christian
Stewart, Mary   no dates   Dau. Of George & _______
Stewart, Matilda 8-Dec-1846 8-Feb-1848 14m Dau. Of George & Christian
Stewart, Rebecca (Huston) 12-Jan-1854 24-Dec-1887   Dau. Of G.M. & C.
Stewart, Sarah E.   no dates 2y 8d Dau. Of George & Christian
Stoehr, George F. 1860 1936    
Stoehr, Jacob 1835 1922    
Stoehr, Louie P. 27-Aug-1863 23-Aug-1885 21y 11m 27d  
Stoehr, Mary 1835 1918    
Thomas, Alvah T. 27-Oct-1845 20-Nov-1866 21y 24d  
Thomas, Arthur W. 12-Nov-1874 16-Sep-1875 10m 4d Son of L.B. & A.
Thomas, Delle 8-Oct-1841 8-Dec-1879 38y 2m Wife of Levi
Thomas, Earnest L. 15-Apr-1872 13-Apr-1873   Son of L.B. & A.
Thomas, Elizabeth M. 5-Jan-1825 23-Jul-1875 50y 6m 18d Wife of Levi
Thomas, Emeline   illegible    
Thomas, Harriett 22-Aug-1798 22-May-1879 80y 9m Wife of James
Thomas, Harry G. 25-Mar-1862 10-Dec-1885    
Thomas, Humphrie   no dates   Infant son of Harry G. & Jennie
Thomas, James 2-Jun-1790 12-Sep-1867 77y 3m 10d  
Thomas, Jennie 3-Apr-1863 28-Nov-1882   Wife of Harry G.
Thomas, Julia 14-Oct-1847 31-Aug-1870 22y 10m 17d Wife of Amzi W.
Thomas, Levi 19-Oct-1819 19-Feb-1895    
Thomas, Lyman B. 16-Jun-1841 11-Feb-1880 38y 7m 26d  
Thomas, Otis 1858 17-Nov-1881 23y Son of Levi & Elizabeth
Thomas, Robby 14-May-1871 7-Apr-1872   Son of C.P. & N.J.
Thomas, Schuyler S. 9-Jan-1879 27-Jul-1880 1y 6m 18d Son of L.B. & A.
Treher, John 2-Jul-1816 29-Dec-1876    
Van Buskirk, Sarah E. 25-Dec-1849 29-Nov-1886    
VanZant, Isaac E. 2-Nov-1835 13-Feb-1881 45y 3m 9d Co. B, 111th,  Hus. Of Clara
VanZant, Scotty 6-Apr-1874 24-Aug-1874   Son of J.H. & M.J.
Webb, Adrian F. 19-Apr-1871 1-Apr-1873   Child of James A. & Elizabeth
Webb, Effie 17-Apr-1878 22-Dec-1897   Child of James A. & Elizabeth
Webb, Elizabeth 2-Sep-1834 5-Jul-1916   Wife of James A.
Webb, James A. 31-Aug-1842 12-Feb-1877   Co. B, 5th U.S. Art.
Wechsler, Anna C. 1-Feb-1837 28-Oct-1880 43y 8m 27d Wife of John
Weldon, Andrew 22-Jan-1772 24-Sep-1852 80y 11m 2d  
Wert, Fred   illegible   Son of W.A. & D.
Wert, William A.   16-Jun-1899   Hus. Of Daisy
Williams, Elizabeth 2-May-1868 29-Jan-1908    
Yancey, Jane H. 12-Apr-1809 22-Jan-1890 80y 9m 10d Wife of C.D.
Yargen, Anna M. 4-Jul-1856 7-Jul-1856 45y 3m 9d Dau. Of I.G. & Nancy


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