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 Genealogy Gilliam-Chappel   

Gilliam Chapel Cemetery

McCordsville, IN 46055

(Located at the corner of Hwy 67 & Mt. Comfort Road/Olio Road just northwest of the railroad tracks.)

The first Methodist church was built in 1854, just west of the cemetery.  It was dedicated by Reverend N.H. Gillum, and was named Gillum Chapel.  The chapel was destroyed in a storm in 1902, and a new Methodist church was built at its now present location on Hwy 67.

Gilliam Chapel Cemetery

Adams, Stella   29-Jan-1880 2y 3m Dau. Of A.W. & Melissa Adams
Apple, John H.   02-May-1876/8 68y 17d  
Brown, Abner 16-May-1811 24-Feb-1902   Co. H 12th. Ind. Inf.
Brown, G.A.   24-Jan-1883 62y Wife of Abner Brown
Brown, Martha   24-Jan-1883 76y 1m 9d Wife of Abner Brown
Camp, Charley E. 19-Nov-1866 02-Feb-1883   Son of Mary Camp
Camp, Mary J. 3-Feb-1837 25-Jan-1870    
Camp, Joseph R.   26-May-1856 49y 9m 20d Husband of Mary Camp
Camp, Mary Ann   27-Dec-1900 86y 8m 24d Wife of Joseph Camp
Coleman, Thomas H. 27-Feb-1839 30-Oct-1910    
Crosley, Elizabeth       Mother
Crosley, William       Father
Crossley, James H.   7-Jun-1888 42y 11m 29d Co. G. 12 Reg. / Hus. Of Sarah Crossley
Crosley, Robert   22-May-1855 38y 2m 21d  
Crossley, Elizabeth   3-Oct-1862 18y 11m 18d Wife of Henry Crosley
Crosley, Robert   6-Apr-1860   Husband of Rachel Crosley
Crossley, Ross       Co. A. 5th. Ind. Ca.
Cumins, Sarah W.   9-Nov-1877 67y 8m 25d Wife of Wm. Cumins
Cumins, William   15-Oct-1866 62y 9m  
Cummins, Miriam   14-Aug-1886 30y 3m 13 d Wife of Thomas Cummins
Cummins, Thomas       Co.P. 8th. Ind. Inf.
Davidson, Eby   26-Oct-1865 11d  
Davidson, Emma   19-Nov-1863 26d  
Davidson, Thomas A.   20-Aug-1867 5y 4m 16d Children of H.S. & Sela Davidson
Dunham, Mary E. 27-Jul-1841 10-Jan-1911   Wife of James Dunham
Dunham, James   22-Oct-12 67y 5m 15 d  
Harvey, John W.   8-Feb-1889 77y 2m 7d  
Hooker, Azel   2-Feb-1860 63y 9m 22d Husband of Catherine Hooker
Hooker, Catherine Nov. 1807 4-Oct-1872   Wife of Azel / Born Troy, NY / Died Woodbury, IN
Hooker, John Sims   19-Nov-1871   Son of John & Louisa Hooker / Died Woodbury, IN
Leeds, Buell B.   21-Apr-1863 1y 3m 9d Son of A.G. & T.A. Leeds
Millard, Frances   11-Jan-1865 21y 10m 14d Dau. Of Mordecai & Matilda Millard
Millard, Mary J.   15/Mar-1866 17y 11m 4d Dau. Of Mordecai & Matilda Millard
Millard, Matilda   23-Jun-1873 69y 11m 12d Wife of Mordeci Millard
Millard, Thomas J.   27-Mar-1870 23y 6m 29d  
Morrison, Harlan 1860 24-Feb-1860 2m 25d Son of V. & S. Morrison
Morrison, Susan   2-Jun-1860 27y 6m 2d Wife of P. Morrison
Morrison, Thomas 1858 29-Aug-1858 2m 26d Son of V. & S. Morrison
Morrison, Peter   1/Aug-1864 39y 4m 18d Independent Order of Odd Fellows Member
Packard, Elizabeth   18-Dec-1886 87y 3m Wife of Henry Packard
Parsons, Amanda R.   3-Mar-1863 34y 4m 14d Wife of Madison Parsons
Prickett, Jasper       Co.D. 79th Ind. Inf.
Reynolds, Rebecca   23-May-1869 23y 2m 21d Wife of J.W. Reynolds
Rowell, George B.     20m 20d Son of B.F. & Kate Powell
Smith, Alfred T.   07-Feb-1886 59y 1m 28d  
Smith, Harriet 07-Jul-1813 01-Apr-1860    
Smith, Ina Leah 23-Jul-1887 16-Feb-1893   Dau. Of J.A. & R.R. Smith
Smith, John 21-Jul-1809 03-Nov-1891    
Smith, Rebecca 29-Feb-1828 28-Feb-1908    
Smith, Olive 11-Jan-1851 25-Aug-1873   Wife of Henry Smith (See also Dunham)
Thompson, Celina B.   13-Mar-1862 4y 5m 20d Dau. Of H.N. & E. Thompson
Thompson, Elizabeth   25-Dec-1877 59y 10m 9d Wife of H.N. Thompson
Thompson, H.N. 15-Jul-1815 26-Apr-1901    
Thompson, Sarah Jane   22-Aug-1863 22y 2m 23d Dau. Of H.N. & Elizabeth Thompson
Thompson, Wellington E.   20-May-1886 26y 9m 1d Son of H.N. & E. Thompson
Van Zant, Joseph   25-Dec-1869 26y  

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