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 Genealogy McCordsville IOOF McCordsville D-G   

McCordsville (IOOF) Cemetery

600 W 750 N
McCordsville, IN 46055

(Located South of the stoplight on
Hwy 67 & Mt. Comfort Road)
McCordsville Cemetery

*Compiled by Arhur Longerbone w/ help from Lisa Abel & Charlotte Henry 1986

A-C * D-G * H-M * P-T * V-Z

Dance, Sarah A. 8-Feb-1826 17-Jul-1899 73y 4m  
Dance, John H. 6-Feb-1809 12-Jan-1892 82y 11m  
Dance, Laura E.   21-Jul-1888 23y 8m 27d  
Dance, Stephan D.   30-Mar-1884 23 years Son of John H. & Sarah A.
Dance, Carrie   19-Jan-1892 28 years Dau. Of John H. & Sarah A.
Davidson, Frank A.   30-Aug-1862 16y 9d  
Davidson, Henry S. 15-Dec-1891 12-Jan-1906    
Davidson, Margaret J. 1-Jan-1891 18-Jan-1907    
Davidson, Ralph W.   29-Jun-1899   Son of A. H. & G. E.
Day, Flors B. 3-Feb-1871 30-May-1894    
Day, Isaac H. 16-Oct-1869 15-Oct-1933    
Day, Worthington W. 1853      
Day, Misouri Olive 1857 1903    
Day, Edna Apr. 1886 Nov. 1887    
Day, Eva Ruth 1894 1914    
Day, Nelson E. 1865 1932    
Day, Rosanna 1873 1959   "Wife"
Day, Orie M. 16-Aug-1872 15-Jul-1890   Wife of Nelson E.
Day, Effie M. 11-May-1890 30-Jun-1890   Dau. Of Nelson E. & Orie M.
Day, Lucinda 1840 1928    
Day, Francis M. 1839 1915    
Day, Lettie 1871 1969   "Mother"
Day, Edward 1867 1947   "Father"
Deeter, Elizabeth 16-Oct-1846 1-Aug-1896    
Deeter, Harry L. 1870 1942   "Father"
Deeter, F. S. 6-Apr-1872 1897    
Dering, George W. 30-Sep-1895 15-Dec-1895   Son of S. T. & A. M.
Dering, Mignon 20-Aug-1890 6-Jan-1898   Dau. Of S. & A.
Dobbins, Enoch H. 1875 1953    
Dobbins, Anna E. 1878 1933    
Dobbins, Norval H. 22-Jun-1898 12-May-1899    
Dobbins, Martin   7-Apr-1896 74y 6m 16d "Father"
Dobbins, Rebecca   8-Jun-1893 72y 6m 13d "Wife & Mother"
Doud, Raymond 1894 1983    
Daud, Hazel E. 1909 1984    
Driffill, William B. 6-Dec-1854 1-Oct-1934    
Driffill, Nancy 23-Jan-1858 21-Sep-1935    
Driffill, Frank B. 3-Sep-1897 28-Aug-1985    
Driffill, Edith 24-Jan-00 1986    
Driffill,  19-Jul-1921 23-Nov-1927    
Dunham, Anna L.   Aug. 1881 2 years Dau. Of H. & J.
Dunham, Pearl E. 1880 1904   Wife of Robert L.
Dunham, Hiram 1863 1933    
Dunham, Iszbells 1861 1918   "Wife"
Dunham, Pearl D. 1885 1961    
Dunham, Thomas 1-Aug-1875 6-Aug-1896    
Duward, Luse 1863 1930   "Father"
Duward, Harriett 1864 19XX   "Mother"
Edwards, William B. 23-Nov-1864 31-Dec-1949    
Edwards, Anna B. 9-Nov-1865 6-Apr-1909    
Edwards, (Infant) 12-Mar-1907 9-Jun-1907   Son of William B. & Anna B.
Emery, Peter   6-Aug-1885 85y 6m 15d  
Emery, Sarah   8-Oct-1884 79y 3m 27d Wife of Peter
Emery, Rebecca 1840 1895   "Mother"
Emery, Laura Belle 1862 1960    
Emery, H. J. 29-Nov-1834 4-Apr-1905    
Emery, Elizabeth   6-Jun-1874 35y 9m 20d "Wife"
Emery, (Infant)     1 day Infant Son
Emery, Clara   27-Jul-1860 11 days Infant Daughter
Emery, Frank E.   23-Nov-1871 15y 6m 5d "Son"
Etta, Frank R.   7-May-1867    
Etta,   5-Oct-1884   "Mother"
Fitzgerald, Edith May 1907 1986    
Fitzgerald, Wayne M. Sr. 1895 1975    
Fred, Isaac Newton 7-Oct-1843 14-Mar-1937    
Fred, Rosa Belle 31-Dec-1853 3-Sep-1901   Wife of Isaac N.
Fred, Effie Murl 9-Jun-1888 Aug. 1889   Dau. Of Isaac N. & Rosa B.
Fred, Catharine 9-Jul-1830 2-Aug-1905    
Fred,       Wife of Israel Fred (Stone Damaged)
Fred, Andrew W. 29-Oct-1881 1897    
Fred, W. H. 1-Jul-1842 11-Feb-1926   "Husband & Father"
Fred, Sarah E. 28-Oct-1836 27-Aug-1908   "Wife & Mother"
Fred, Charlie W.   15-Oct-1891 19 years Son of W. E. & S. E.
Frost, John S.   3-Dec-1925 67y 8m 7d  
Frost, Elvira J.   9-Mar-1886 28y 4m 18d  
Frost, Raymon L.   16-Mar-1885 7m 17d  
Gale, Adda M. 6-May-1882 2-Feb-1904    
Gale, Abednego J. 8-Mar-1852 13-Feb-1901    
Gale, Alice 1879 1944    
Gaskins, Nelson B. 19-Jul-1859 21-Sep-1914    
Gaskins, Rosetta E. 21-Feb-1859 23-Feb-1911    
Gaskins, Elsie Dean 8-Jan-1895 28-Apr-1896    
Gaskins, Sylvester 1828 1913    
Gaskins, Elizabeth 1832 1914    
Gibson, (Infant) 1929 1929    
Gibbons, Jacob H. 1836 1915    
Gibbons,        Co.B. 11 Ind. Reg. 1861 Co.G. 79 Reg.
Girt, Ida E.   1918   Dau. Of D. & Nora L.
Girt, Rema G.   1917   Dau. Of D. & Nora L.
Goul, Rhoda E. 1863 1924   "Mother"
Green, Paul R. 1903 1938    
Guy, F. 22-Nov-1889 25-Feb-1914    

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