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 Genealogy McCordsville IOOF McCordsville P-T   

McCordsville (IOOF) Cemetery

600 W 750 N
McCordsville, IN 46055

(Located South of the stoplight on
Hwy 67 & Mt. Comfort Road)
McCordsville Cemetery P-T

*Compiled by Arhur Longerbone w/ help from Lisa Abel & Charlotte Henry 1986

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Nagley, Hewpy 24-Mar-1871 30-Nov-1931    
Nagley, Rose A. 30-Jul-1859 21-Dec-1917    
Nagley, James W. 25-Jul-1830 20-May-1903    
Nagley, Emily 16-Feb-1834 11-Feb-1911    
Nagley IVA Elma 1880 1930    
Nagley, Mattie M. 1868 1911    
Nagley, Daniel 1864 1942    
Pates, Albert Otto 29-Sep-1904 5-May-1962   Died in Mississippi
PVT 340       PVT 340 QM Depot Co. WORLD WAR II
Pennington, (Infant)   1-Dec-1956    
Pentecost, Minnie 1864 1916    
Personett, Amanda E.   1-Mar-1873 26yrs Wife of Amos
Personett, William P.   23-Feb-1875 11mo Infant Son of A.M. & A.E.
Pickel, Leroy 1877 1956    
Prather, Lucy 12-Dec-1841 2-Jul-1907    
Price, Belle McKeeman 15-May-1868 27-Sep-1940   "Mother"
Pulliam, Myrta Smith 1887 1917    
Reed, Laura Vail 1840 1929    
Ridgway, Archie S. 1890 1979    
Ridgway, Maud Edna 1889 1978    
Riley, S.P. 15-Dec-1832 26-Nov-1903   41 Ind. Cav.
Riley, Lizzie 11-Aug-1847 17-May-1894   "Wife"
Robb, George W. 15-Oct-1835 22-Jun-1906    
Robb, Sarah E. 21-Feb-1839 1-Mar-1933   Wife of George W.
Robb, Charles Allison 1861 1919   "Father"
Robb, Loretta L. 1858 1920   "Mother"
Sample, Morton 1863 1918    
Sample, Ella Bell 1864 1914    
Sample, John S. 1829 1894    
Sample, Ellen 1832 1915   Wife of John S.
Sample, George E. 1935 1936    
Sample, J.S.       SGT. Co. G. 12 Ind. Inf.
Sample, Cynthia Ann Dec. 1958 Jan. 1959    
Schultz, Lydia A. 1844 1922   "Wife"
Schultz, James 1840 1918    
Schultz, Jecup 11-Dec-1806 5-May-1888    
Schultz, Deborah 23-Jul-1822 4-Jan-1904   Wife of Jecup
Schultz, Henry 9-Jul-1833 20-Jan-1914    
Schultz, John 4-Nov-1835 3-Nov-1902    
Schultz, Jesse F. 1882 1939    
Schultz, Ada Maud 1882 1969    
Schultz, George W. 1847 1915    
Shepherd, William H. 1859 1942    
Shepherd, Elizabeth 1857 1912    
Shepherd, Claudier 28-Aug-1882 5-Feb-1905   "Son"
Shepherd, Flora L.   10-Jun-1861 10mo 21d "Daughter"
Shepherd, India R. 1898 1910    
Shepherd, Frances 11-May-1887 26-Oct-1910   Wife of B.L.
Smith, Everett 21-Dec-1869 23-Apr-1900    
Smith, Alice May 1869 1942   "Wife"
Smith, Alvie O. 1871 1934   "At Rest"
Smith, Morton B. 1890 1967   "Father"
Smith, Lawrence L. 31-Dec-1863 14-Feb-1894    
Smith, Ward 14-Jul-1897 23-Apr-1899   Son of L & N
Smith, James W. 1853 1925    
Smith, Mary E. 1844 1915    
Smith, David T. 11-Jun-1837 6-Jul-1909    
Smtih, Sarah J. 6-Dec-1837 22-Nov-1925    
Smith, Della C. 11-Feb-1878 14-Mar-1897    
Smith, William 17-Jan-1845 30-May-1909    
Smith, Olive K. 26-Apr-1852 10-Jan-1940    
Smith, Daisy D. 8-Dec-1869 26-Jan-1870   "Daughter"
Smith, Alta P. 15-Feb-1876 11-Mar-1876   "Daughter"
Smith, (infant)   20-Nov-1860    
Smith, Clarence P. 1879 1881    
Smith, Susan D. 1854 1924    
Smith, Theo E. 1858 1958    
Smith, Henry N.   28-Dec-1836   Indiana PVT. CAV.
Smith, Ida E. 28-Feb-1855 28-Feb-1908   Daughter of D. Brown, Wife of John
Stafford, Archie 1873 1959    
Stafford, Myrtle A. 1877 1961    
Stanberry, Zaccheus 18-Feb-1851 7-Feb-1926    
Stanberry, Mary A. 12-Sep-1852 1-Apr-1909    
Stanburry, Jonathan 1-May-1806 20-Sep-1898    
Stanburry, Mary 13-Apr-1813 17-Oct-1896   "Wife"
Stanley, Lewis   29-Jul-1890 78yrs 10mo 23d  
Stanley, Ann   19-Sep-1891 70yrs 10mo 22d "Wife"
Stanley, Andrew J. 5-Jun-1844 2-Oct-1924    
Stanley, Sarah A. 24-Sep-1844 17-Nov-1909    
Stanley, (Infant)   22-Jan-1888   Infant Son of W.W. & Emma
Stokes, James E. 15-Jan-1873 30-Jan-1937    
Stokes, Emma 14-Aug-1875 13-Nov-1920    
Stokes, William B. 26-Oct-1897 27-Nov-1922    
Stoner, Daniel 30-Oct-1829 21-Sep-1911    
Stoner, Martha A. 8-Jul-1833 16-Feb-1905    
Strube, Kenneth 1930 1937   "Our Son"
Taylor, Katie Merrill 1887 1939   "Mother"
Teal, Manford 12-Jul-1867 28-Nov-1907    
Teal, Cynthia 10-Jan-1872 25-Jun-1962    
Terral, James 4-Sep-1892 9-Dec-1895   Son of Robert & Della
Thomas, John S. 7-May-1830 4-May-1907    
Tomas, Sarah E. 3-Sep-1836 10-Apr-1913   "Wife"
Thomas, Isaac M. 1865 1938    
Thomas, Callie E. 1862 1935    
Thomas, Ralph 1898 unknown    
Thomas, James F. 17-Sep-1855 4-May-1945    
Thomas, Carrie 13-Aug-1864 3-Feb-1905   "Wife"
Thomas, (Infant)   16-Mar-1914   Infant Daughter of Roy Hulda
Thomas, Park   18-Nov-1894    
Thompson, Ethel E. 1911 1941    
Trimble, Elmer E. 15-Jul-1858 26-Sep-1921    
Trimble, Elizabeth J. 5-May-1832 8-Apr-1922    
Trimble, Delbirt M. 1874 1905    
Trimble, Joseph 15-Feb-1819 18-Oct-1886    
True, Kenneth Robert   20-May-1920   "Our Little Brother"
True, Jesse   Unreadible    

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