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 Genealogy McCordsville IOOF McCordsville V-Z   

McCordsville (IOOF) Cemetery

600 W 750 N
McCordsville, IN 46055

(Located South of the stoplight on
Hwy 67 & Mt. Comfort Road)
McCordsville Cemetery V-Z

*Compiled by Arhur Longerbone w/ help from Lisa Abel & Charlotte Henry 1986

A-C * D-G * H-M * P-T * V-Z

Vail, Thomas 1861 1941    
Vail, Eva M. 1864 1935    
Vail, George W. 22-Feb-1892 11-May-1971    
Vail, Effie M. 14-Feb-1895 7-Jun-1970    
Vail, Anna May 22-Jun-1932 9-Jan-1933    
Vail, James   15-May-1896 89yrs 8mo 28d  
Vail, Judith   17-Jul-1887 78yrs 6mo 13d Wife of James
Vail, James L. 1869 1929    
Vail, Minnie M. 1867 1963    
Vail, Aaron 10-Feb-1834 15-Sep-1914    
Vail, Mary E. 1839 1912    
Vanzant, Francis M. 1836 1907    
Vanzant, Martha 1851 1930    
Vanzant, Isaac 1852 1925    
Vanzant, Mary 1858 1917   "Wife"
Vanzant, Isaac W. 9-Jun-1860 14-Jan-1915    
Vanzant, Nelson A. 1860 1939   "Father"
Vanzant, Ida B. 1869 1946   "Mother"
Vest, William       Co. K -116 IND-INF.
Vest, Elizabeth 30-Mar-1836 14-Feb-1888   Wife of William
Wallsmith, Mary   18-Jun-1888 41yrs Wife of Henry
Wallsmith, (Infant)   29-Dec-1878   Infant Son of Henry & Mary
Walker, Elizabeth   10-Sep-1898 54yrs Wife of Sanford
Warren, John S. 25-Jan-1856 16-May-1891    
Warren, Mary M. 29-Jun-1856 1-Feb-19   Wife of John S.
Warren, Andrew J. 1832 1906    
Warren, Sarah J. 1833 1915    
Warren, Willard D.   31-Jan-1863 5yrs Son of Andrew J. & Sarah J.
White, Thomas J. 1855 1932    
White, Olive 1862 1939    
Wilson, Jane 1856 1914    
Wilson, Joseph   7-Jul-1885    
Wilson, John W.   12-Jul-1878 15yrs 5mo 26d "Son"
Wilson, Ida May 1876 1908    
Wilson, William   14-Sep-1875 21yrs 2mo 3d "Son"
Wilson, Mary E.   7/Mar-1898 79yrs "Wife & Mother"
Wilson, Robert G. 8-Mar-1843 30-May-10    
Wilson, Mary 28-Mar-1845 5-Jun-21    
Winchell, Alfred M. 12-Apr-1876 2-Nov-61    
Winchell, A. Myrtle 16-Mar-1881 22-Jul-72    
Woods, Samuel J. 10-May-1862 26-Jan-35   "Father"
Woods, Margrite L. 24-Jan-1866 unknown   "Mother"
Woods, Edna E. 2-Aug-1897 12-Aug-73    
Wood, George W. 1860 1944    
Wood, Sarah A. 1866 1922    
Wood, Charles       Indiana PVT MED Dept WWII
Wood, Phoebe 1834 1919   "Mother"
Wright, James M. 4-Jul-1844 29-Mar-1893    
Wright, Rachel C. 14-Nov-1846 26-Oct-12    
Wright, Walter 16-Oct-1875 9-Jul-1892    
Wright, Ben F. 3-Jun-1883 29-Oct-33    
Wright, Thomas A.H. 1888 1934    
Wright, Margaret S. 1889 1965    

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