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 Genealogy McCordsville IOOF   

McCordsville (IOOF) Cemetery

600 W 750 N
McCordsville, IN 46055

(Located South of the stoplight on
Hwy 67 & Mt. Comfort Road)
McCordsville Cemetery

*Compiled by Arhur Longerbone w/ help from Lisa Abel & Charlotte Henry 1986

A-C * D-G * H-M * P-T * V-Z

Alford, Sam J. 1883 1954    
Anderson, Captola B. 1870 1939    
Anderson, Freddie B.     6y 19 d Son of J & C.B.
Apple, Cecil 1895 1895    
Apple, Rachel E. 1846 1926    
Applegate, George W. 1837 1926    
Applegate, Neomia Ann 1844 1917   Wife of George
Asbury, Charles W. 10-May-1876 7-Nov-1917   "Woodmen of the World Memorial"
Asbury, Fredrick S.   10-Nov-1893 17y 11m 25d Son of J. & M.
Asbury, Joseph 1853 1927   "Father"
Asbury, Margret F. 1857 1947   "Mother"
Bailey, James   26-Jun-1902   US Sailor
Bailey, Martha A. 22-Mar-1855 Oct. 1912   Wife of James
Beard, William M. 1847 1890    
Beggs, Alvin 1893 1956    
Beggs, Ione 1904 1969    
Bell, Mary C. 22-Mar-1855 30-Jan-1922    
Bell, Alexander 13-May-1851 16-Jan-1932    
Bell, Agie   3-Nov-1893 3m 11d Son of A. & E.
Bell, Daisy   10-Mar-1912   Dau. Of T.E. Grosley
Bickel, Evaline 1-Dec-1880 18-Jan-1933    
Bickel, Emmaline 1-Dec-1880 10-Mar-1912    
Bills, Infant 10-Sep-1876     Son of J.O. & A.C.
Bills, Charles L. 1858 1935   "Father"
Bills, Asenath Ann 1859 1940   "Mother"
Bills, Alfred 27-Sept-1842 3-Apr-1928    
Bills, Hannah 1-Jan-1847 17-Feb-1917   Wife of Alfred
Bills, Eva 1864 15-Jan-1865 3m Dau. Of J. & E.
Bills, Edgar L. 1892 1903   "Son"
Bills, Reuel B. 1881 1887   "Son"
Blackford, Elizabeth   12-Feb-1894 77y  
Blanton, Donald B. 4-Oct-1912 1-Jan-1961   "Father"
Blanton, Ermil Leroy 11-Aug-1914 23-Jan-1950    
Bragdon, Betty Louise 1922 1923    
Brantlinger, Elizabeth   20-Feb-1892 67y Wife of J.
Brantlinger,       Death Unknown
Bolander, W.H. 30-Nov-1841 16-Sep-1916    
Bolander, Henry W. 28-Dec-1838 27-Apr-1903    
Bolander, Nancy L. 30-Apr-1852 16-Mar-1935   "Wife"
Bratcher, Bessie N. 1901 1954    
Bratcher, Ruby E. 1897 1976    
Brooks, Gus 27-Apr-1893 17-Sep-1967    
Brooks, Evaline 1858 1935    
Brooks, Marquis L. 1860 1942    
Brooks, Luella 1885 1962    
Brooks, Mary Evaline 1915 1920    
Brooks, Roscoe 1884 1920    
Brown, Alfarata Flask Amp 15-Jan-1868 15-Apr-1897    
Brown, Rachel 20-Apr-1834 30-Dec-1921    
Brown, David 20-May-1830 9-Jun-1906    
Cauldwell, Phillip P. 6-Jan-1826 7-Jul-06    
Cauldwell, Ruth   25-Jan-1877 51y 7m 21d Wife of Phillip P.
Craig,   20-Sep-XXXX   Son of Ruth & Phillip P. Cauldwell
Cauldwell, Jane M. 1865 1955    
Cauldwell, John N. 1862 1942    
Cauldwell,     8 days Infant Son
Camp, C.A. 31-Mar-1847 22-Mar-1916   "Mother"
Camp, Nicodemus 7-Dec-1841 25-Apr-1906   "Father"
Camp, David C. 1871 1944    
Camp, Mary C. 1873 1955    
Chandler, Mary   16-Aug-1878 31y 8m 26d Wife of John
Chives, Cynthia A.   9-Aug-07 85y 6m 10d  
Chives, Sarah 1815 1908    
Cinders, Mary E.   23-Jul-1894 30y 5m Wife of G. W.
Clark, Ethal Wood 1886 1929    
Collins, Ebeniser E. 1844 1899    
Collins, Hannah 1847 1931    
Comstock, Laura 1884 1964    
Cook, David O. 1847 1923    
Cook, Laura H. 1849 1918   Wife of David O.
Copenhauer, Charles 1878 1940    
Copenhauer, Marcia 1887 1966    
Copenhauer, Charles 1900 1947    
Corbin, William F. 1873 1949   "Father"
Corbin, Jessie P 1877 1965   "Mother"
Corbin, Martha E. 1870 1960   "Mother"
Cory, S. C.   31-Jan-1894 32y 3m 1d  
Cory, Dr. John D. 2-Dec-1842 15-May-1909    
Cory, Huldah L. 8-Jul-1849 27-Dec-44   Wife of Dr. John
Craig, W. W.   24-Mar-1886 34y 2m 8d  
Craig, Barbara   26-Feb-1884 27y 10m Wife of W. W.
Craig, Cora May   29-Apr-1883 2y 1m 9d  
Crosley, Henry 8-Nov-1822 2-Jul-1896    
Crosley, Cordelia A. 9-Feb-1825 24-Jul-1878   "Wife"
Crosley, Elizabeth 15-Oct-1815 3-Oct-1862   "Wife"
Crosley, Abner V. 18-Mar-1841 11-Dec-1916    
Crosley, Rosanna J. 15-Mar-1848 19-Oct-11   "Wife"
Crosley, Grace T. 11-Apr-1876 15-Apr-1879   "Daughter"
Crosley, Hannah Caroline   21-Apr-1881 33y 8m 16d "Sacred to the Memory of Carrie Our Sister"
Crosley, Hattie M. 1891 1904    
Crosley, Claud H. 1887 1905    
Crosley, Mable E. 1889 1899    
Crosley, Conrad H. 1858 1935    
Crosley, Jennie Mae 1856 1936    
Crosley, Thomas E. 17-May-1867 20-Jun-1945    
Crosley, Mary C. 8-Oct-1871 2-Feb-1911   Wife of Thomas E.
Crosley, Eddie   6-Jul-1908   Son of Thomas E.
Crosley, Mary A. 1865 1928    
Cummins, Harry C. 1872 1908    
Cummins, Barbara E. 1838 1922    
Cummins, William B. 1828 1890    

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