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 Genealogy Vernon Twp. in Wartime WWI   

World War I
Hancock Co., Indiana

The following list and photos were taken from a book called Hancock County Indiana in the World War 1914-1918 compiled by a committee appointed by the County Council of Defense.  The committee included: Frank Johnson, Chr., Mrs. John F. Mitchell, Sr., Miss Daisy Harlan, Rober F. Reeves, George J. Richman

This webpage is broken into three parts.

1) In Memoriam - Those who lost their lives in WWI
2) List of WWII Soldiers - Army & Navy
3) PDF File of the Soldiers' information

If you notice any mistakes or omissions, please, contact Rebecca @ the Fortville-Vernon Twp. Library.

In Memoriam

 In Memorium
Hancock County Men Who Lost Their Lives in WWI

  Baggs, James D.    

Jessup, John M.

  Brewer, Theodore Clinton  

McMahan, John F.

  Cook, Orville H.  

Miller, William Leo

  Davis, Ben H.  

Newhouse, Gladstone Bertram

  Grigsby, Earl    Parish, Claude Matthew
   Hite, George W.    Simmons, Orla Russell
   Jack, James Monroe    Vandine, William Walter
       Wagoner, Raymond L.
List of WWI Hancock County Soldiers Minimize

List of Hancock County, Indiana Sevicemen in WWI

Abbott Russell Sage Fletcher Clare W. Musman Ray E. 
Adams Glenn F Florea Orlin Ray Myers Austin C.
Addison Glenn  Floyd Benjamin H. Myers Walter R.
Addison Paul F Foster Herbert Chas. Myers Warren
Addison Russell Edwin Foutz Lowell Narvell Vernie
Adkins Charles C. Fralich Guy New Claude
Adkins O.C.  Frank Raymond Thomas New Frank Hammel
Adkins Willard Enos Franklin Dewey M. Newhouse Gladstone B.
Adler John W. Fritz James O. Newman Frank
Ahlbrand Oscar Carl Fuller Ira L. Newman Walter
Akeman Carl Fuller Jess Albert Nibarger Lester
Alford Kenneth S. Fuller Samuel S. Oden Forrest L.
Alford Robert David Fuller Virgil H. Ogg Paul Moore
Alford William A.  Fuqua Peyton Ogle Roy Everett
Alford William C. Fuqua Ward Oldham Horace J.
Allee Melbourne L Gambrel Charles Earl Olvey Harry L.
Allen Harold Leon  Garland Harry C. O'Neal Gern
Allen Joseph L. Garland Lee A. Orr Kenneth F.
Allen Russell Clare Gashbach John C. Ortel B. Frederick
Allender Clarence Gemmel Henry C. Ortel Christian
Amick Hugh P.  Gibbs Charles Milo Ortel Edward
Amos Murel Gibbs Earl R. Overman Arnold F.
Andis Harry Edgar Gilson Charles T. Owens Lewis R.
Andrews Herbert D.  Ging Waldo C. Pardue Clarke E.
Andrews Leslie Dale Girt Elbert M. Parish Claude M.
Andrews Lora Girt Floyd Parker Raymond A.
Apple James Otto Glascock Henry Roy Parmer Charles W.
Arnold Charles E.  Gleanor Alfred M. Parrett Durward R.
Arnold George Verlin  Goble Paul N. Patterson Chester Earl
Arnold Ralph N. Goodpasture Harold M. Patterson Wood
Arthur Louis Alford Gould John Jay Pauley Harry B.
Atherton Thomas B.  Grandison John Betram Payne Frank A.
Attle Samuel H. Grantham Carl Payne John C.
Bader Albert E. Gray Arthur D. Perry Oscar
Baer Chester Clay Gray Charles F. Persinger Charles  
Baggs James D. Griener Bryan Persinger Floyd
Baity Noble Lester Griffey Harry M. Persinger Henry M.
Baker Forrest Wilson Griffith Chesteen Pettigrew Paul
Baker Harry Homer Griffith Columbus O. Phillips Roy B.
Baldwin Lawrence L. Griffith Elbert G. Pickett Roy W.
Bardonner William V. Grimsley Albert S. Pitts Garfield
Barger Charles L. Grimsley Harry W. Poer Earl Reeves
Barnard Albert J. Grimsley Hubert H. Pope George W.
Barnard Charles O. Groves Curtis Poston James H.
Barnard Robert G. Gustin Hobart P. Potts James Bryan
Barrett Earl P. Haines Delbert N. Potts Oakley Burton
Bash Cleo W. Halsall John Boyd Prater Earl E.
Beam Charles A. Ham Samuel V. Pratt Arthur James
Beckley Clarence W. Hamilton Brooks S. Rafferty Reginald New
Beckner Earl R. Hamilton James W. Ramsey  Rolla B.
Beckner Paul C. Hamilton William   Record David Edward
Beeson Russell P.  Haney  Oren R. Regula Herman E.
Bell Oren Earl Harden Philip N. Reynolds William A.
Benedict Mike Hardin Harry U. Rhoadarmer Paul F.
Bennett Otis Calvin Hardin Robert B. Rhue Ward F.
Bennett Paul E.  Harding Otto Richey Homer
Bills Robert N.  Harlan Horace O. Richey John C.
Binford Clarence James Harold Orville V. Richey Robert D.
Binford John Clark Harper Rachie A. Richey  Claude M.
Binford Morton C. Harris Frank John Riddle Melvin S.
Binford Robert J. Harting Benjamin J. Robbins Charley
Bittner John F. Haskell Carl Roberts  Avery Otis
Black Edward O. Hasler Gipson E. Roberts  Harlan A.
Black John Nelson Hasler Walter H. Roberts  Ira Donald
Blakely Paul H. Hauk Harry   Robeson Theodore G.
Blakely Robert L. Hawkins Roy F. Rodebeck Louis W. H.
Blue Lloyd Nial Haydock Ermil Walter Romack Emory C.
Bock Claude Earl Haywood Earl Romack Nolan A.
Bodenseick Edward H.  Hedden Omer A. Roots Herman J.
Boner Cloyd E.  Helms John H. Rouse Aaron W.
Boram  Roy L.  Henley Forest M. Ruley Harley E.
Boring Ara A. Herr Earl Rumford Warren C.
Boring Charles V.  Herron Fred Rupkey Fritz E.
Boring Earl Hervey Samuel W. Russell Chase M.
Boring Sydney Ralph Hiday Paul Rutledge Otis Edward
Born Cecil A. Higgins Raymond F. Ryan Otis  
Bottsford George R. Hilt Donald E. Sanders Carl F.
Boucher Claude M. Hite Frank C. Saville Albert Dale
Boucher George P. Hite George W. Schwier Henry F.
Boucher Harry Hobbs Chester L. Scott George O.
Bourne Harold R. Holt John Grant Scott Howard B.
Boyd Edwin K. Holt Ora Scott James L.
Brandenburg George L. Holt Raymond   Scott Lee C.
Branson Clyde Holt Sam R. Scott Raymond
Bratton Fred Huber Carl E. Sedden John
Brewer James F. Hudson Oren Semon Willard Neil
Brewer Roscoe E. Hufford Harold E. Sewell Raymond
Brewer Teddy Hufford Russell B. Sexson Evan Reynolds
Brewster Robert F. Humbles Claud Shelby Homer B.
Bridges Charles E.  Humbles Floyd C. Shepler Emery L.
Bridges Jesse O. Humbles William L. Shores Paul E.
Bridgewater Homer Hunt Arnold D. Short Everett E.
Brouhard Garrett H. Hunt Paul J. Silvers Dan
Brown Clifford   Hunt  Russell M. Silvers Robert
Brown Frank Hurley Roscoe G. Simmons Frank R.
Brown George O. Huston Floyd W. Simmons Orla R.
Brown Orville Hutton Chester S. Sisson Ernest R.
Brown Paul Roscoe Hutton Forest Jennings Sitten  James Don
Brown Raymond R. Jack  James Monroe Sleeth John Milton
Brown Warren Rollin Jackson Clarence S. Smith Isaac M.
Browne Arthur Albert Jackson Herman Edward Smith James R.
Brumfiel Benjamin H. Jackson John McC. Smith Joe Noland
Brune Clifford C. Jackson John Warren Smith Roscoe
Bruner Charles H. Jackson Oliver M. Smith  William C.
Bruner Ralph P. Jackson Roy F. Smithson Jacob W.
Burch Elmer Jacobi Walter S. Smock Orman W.
Burke John C. Jacobs Lester Snider Henry D.
Bussell Avery J. James Emert Snodgrass Homer G.
Bussell William E. Jarrett William H. Southard William H.
Cahill Floyd Jeffries Renzie A. Sparks Clarence H.
Camp Ernest F. Jerome John Peter Sparks Robert B.
Camp John H. Jessup Harvey Elton Spaur Edward
Campbell Arthur M. Jessup John M. Spencer Dale Banks
Campbell Donald Troy Johns William Glenn Spencer Frank Edward
Campbell Hubert F. Johnson Charles F. Spencer  Samuel E.
Campbell Lucien D. Johnson Kenneth M. Spilker Guy E.
Campbell Vennis F. Jones Claude M. Spilker Walter Henry
Campbell William Jones Floyd Piner Staley Gerald K.
Campbell Willis J. Jones Samuel A. Staley John Henry
Carlton Marshall D. Jones Willard Stanley Robert W.
Carroll Loren L. Jones William C. Stanley Wilbur P.
Carroll Russell A. Jones William V. Stant Delmar H.
Chappell Aden Scott Judge Albert R. Steele Forest T.
Chappell Dallas S. Judge Fred C. Steele Roy R.
Chapple Emmett Julian John E. Stephens Charles E.
Chapple George S. Keeley William F. Stephens Samuel S.
Chapple Jesse J. Kellum John W. Stevens Ralph H.
Chapple William Roy Kemerly Charles B. Stokes William
Childers Emerson F. Kemerly Everett   Stoner Karl Wilson
Claffey Curtis Kemerly Harvey Robert Stoner Virgil V.
Clark Charles O. Kidwell Oscar Stottlemeyer Ernest D.
Clark William A. Kinder Russell Paul Stottlemeyer Frank
Clark  Sherman G. Kingen Arthur J. Streng William H.
Clayton S. D. Kingery Christhy Strickland Russell H.
Coffey William F. Kinsel Leslie Strong Paul
Coffin Dwight Kirkpatrick Lawrence C. Taylor Charley
Colclazier Roy C. Kirkpatrick Ralph Taylor Haden
Coleman Leonard P. Kirlin Floyd Henry Thomas Arden Hayes
Collier Herbert W. Kitley Floyd   Thomas Donald B.
Collins Courtland M. Knoop Raymond M. Thomas Raymond Elias
Collins Dale J. Koin Harry Yale Thomas Raymond Frank
Collins Luther W. Krammes Harry C. Thomas  George B.
Collins Paul H. Krammes Sam E. Thompson Walter A.
Colstock Carl R. Krider David Henry Thompson William W.
Colwell Charles B. Kuhn Bert Orlando Thornberry George
Colwell Eddie M. Kuhn Walter E. Tice Roy A.
Comstock James Russell Kyser Everett H. Tindor Rolla R.
Comstock John C. Lacy John A. Titus Justin Esta
Conger James   Lacy Paul J. Todd Oren
Conger  John Lamb Clifford Toms William Lowell
Cook Cecil Claude Lane Forest M. Trabue John
Cook Herman H. Lantz Donald L. Trabue Russell W.
Cook Merley Lantz Harry G. Trees John
Cooper Berry Willis Larimore James T. Trees Lawrence
Cooper Jerome Black Larison Grover C. Trowbridge Clinton B.
Cooper Roy S. Leamon Harold Karl Troy Francis Dale
Cooper William Earl Lewis Charles Albert Troy Samuel A.
Copeland Donald C. Lewis Charles E. True  Ben L.
Copeland Howard P. Liebert Albert True  John T.
Coppock Orville E.  Lindamood Benjamin H. Trueblood Frank L.
Corey Lester Ray Lindamood William E. Tyner Clifford S.
Cox Harry H. Lisher Glenn J. Tyner James Homer
Cox Lawrence R. Loehr John Thomas Ulrey Cloral
Cox Roy Loudenback John E. Vail Bryce
Cranfill Erwin Lowder Harry N. Vail Forest
Crider  Arthur L. Lowder Harvey N. Vail George M.
Crider  Frank L. Lowder Jesse J. VanDuyn Charles G.
Crider  Paul R. Lowder Walter F. VanDuyn Jess C.
Cross  Charles Clyde Lowe Hoyet McKinley VanDuyn Lawrence F.
Crossley Arthur H. Lowe Lonnie B. VanDuyn William W.
Crossley Herman Chelsie Lowe Raymond C. Vernon Floyd Earl
Crossley Raymond E. Loy  Claude Vernon Roy Curtis
Crubaugh Benjamin H. Loy  Isaac G. Vetters John C.
Crump Roscoe R. Ludwig Casimer B. Wagoner Raymond  
Curry Grover C. Luse William Ernest Wales Von Curtis
Curry Oral Berl Lutz Clarence C. Walker Floyd T.
Cushman Russell J. Lynch Clarence Vernon Walker Frank M.
Dangler Clarence M. Lynch Lawrence Leroy Walker Hiram Ward
Davidson Elmer R. Lynch William A. Walker Joseph W.
Davidson Ernest C. Mace Elmer E. Walker Oren S.
Davis Ben A. Mack Herman Wallsmith Anson
Davis Clarence B. Manche Ralph John Walsh Augustus L.
Davis Huber S. Mannon Rondal L. Walton George Brann
Davis Perry A. Mannon Warren K. Ward Arthur Leo
Davis Ward B. Mansfield Melvin L. Webb Charles Troy
Dawson Horace G. Marts Grover J. Webb James W.
Day Chalmer D. Mason Robert L., Jr. Weber Lawrence A.
Day Henry Thomas Mathews John J. Weeder Harry L.
DeaKyne Hollis W. Matlock Ralph   Weil Walter H.
DeaKyne Watson Earl McBane  Noble Paul West James L.
Delph Walter Lee McBane  Raymond Putman Wheatley Arza
Denk Albert Joseph McCarty Ward F. Wheeler Dale
Denk Andrew Laurence McCord David O. Wheeler Verlin C.
Denk Carl Andrew McCorkhill Clarence   Whetsel Raymond V.
Denny Edgar McCorkhill Frank Whisler Charles Edwin
Derry Van J. McDaniel Walter E. Whistler Dale
Dishinger John E. McDonald John B. White Clarence H.
Dobbins  Dewey S. McGaughey Carl W. White Milton Russell
Dobbins  Linna V. McGuire Wilson White Roy D.
Dowling John Thomas McKeeman Davis Henry Wickard Charles D.
Downing  James F. McKelvey Chester Leroy Wickliff James Roy
Duchateau Simon N. McKibing Wesley Wiggins Raynell R.
Duncan Ora Glenn McKinzie Charley Wiley Alta Raymond
Durso Joe McQueeney Albert R. Wilkens Benjamin H.
Duzan Fred Claude McRoberts Emery C. Wilkins Virgil E.
Duzan Harry V. Merchant Lewis Wm. Williams  Earl R.
Dyer Thomas E. Merling Henry F. Williams  Herbert T.
Eakin Arley Russell Miller Herbert Williams  Jesse H.
Eakin D. Raymond Miller Hubert Hall Willis Donald B.
Eastes Allen Acotten Miller John F. Wilson Christopher M.
Eastes Emmett D. Miller Ralph G. Wilson Floyd G.
Eastes Leon Homer Miller Theodore H. Wilson James W.
Eaton Corydon Wick Miller William   Wilson Joseph R.
Eaton Nile W. Millikan Richard Paul Wilson Marion F.
Edwards Arlie C. Mints William T. Wilson Merril L.
Edwards Ralph Moneyhun Clarence Otis Wilson Oral D.
Elliott Harry E. Monnett Ivan I. Wise Russell Owen
Elliott Vennis Montgomery John F. Wisehart Ben E.
Elsbury Noble W. Montrose Harold Tyner Wiseman Ferdie O.
Estell Chester Floyd Moore Otto Orville Wolfgang Lewis Floyd
Evans Bradford Buryl Moore Rollie Austin Wolfgang Loren K.
Evans Paul Morehead Louis C. Wood Ferris J.
Everson Clarence J. Morehead Myron James Wood Glenn H.
Ewing Rue Morgan James H. Wood Ralph Arthur
Fair Raymond E. Morris Ollie Rufus Wooten  John C.
Farrell George Morton Charles Dale Worland Jess
Faut Ezra R. Mulvihill Charles P. Wright Ray Arnold
Ferris Fay Walter Murfin Audrey D. Wulf Charles
Ferris Oliver Justus Murnan Ephraim Walter Wynn Joseph K.
Fetty Harry E. Murphy Albert H. Wysong Howard R.
Fields Charles C. Murphy Eddie Raymond Yeager Paul
Fields Thomas B. Murphy Walter Paul Yelton James N.
Fields Willard Benton Murrer Charles H. Yelton John Harold
Fisher Leigh Jacob Murrer James F. Zapf John R.
Musman John L. Zapf Ralph R.


Alford John Hatch Albert Wesley Raper Charles
Allen Charles Edward Havens John Henry Rash Lesta Mearl
Allen Donald B. Hawkins Lewis D. Record Forest A.
Arnold  Paul York Heller Waleter Earl Reeves Elijah J.
Atherton George Ralph Hill Clark Richard Roberts Harry
Atherton Russell Hinchman Wilbur Rosenbaum Clarence A.
Barrett Earl I. Hoff Elmer Christian Rubenack Walter Brown
Barrett Thamas Reed Hoff Ezra Henry Ruggles Arthur O.
Binford Donald H. Hole Wymond Wilson Spangler Harold R.
Binford Hiram Emery Huntington Edwin Paul Sparks Neil
Burk  David Earl Jackson William N. Spell John Raymond
Camp William Hobart Jackson  Oakley Spilker Louis
Campbell Leo H. Kelly William Steele Paul
Castater Forest Kirkpatrick James E. Stuart William Russell
Clift Earl B. Lantz George Clarence Sullivan Henry M.
Collins Guy Leonard Claude Swain Albert Earnest
Cook Orville H. Loehr Jacob M. Thomas  Avery
Cooper Luther Lowder Emil Thompson Ellen
Cooper Sheldon B. Mannon Floyd R. Torrance Kenneth
Cotton Irwin W. McMahan John Francis Vernon Oliver M.
Day Howard M. Moncrief Russell Wainscott Estel
Ehlert Kurt Frederick Moore Orin R. Walker Raymond
Eshelman Guy L. Moore Robert Reeves Wicker Oscar Clyde
Franklin Ira Leo Moore Rollin Oliver Wicker William Watson
Grigsby Earl Newhart Claude Emerson Williams Clarence M.
Harlan Arthur B. Newhart William W. Wilson Charles W.
Harting Edward Henry Pope William Otis Winslow Ralph
Hasler Clarence Quigley Joseph M. Wood George
Yelton Carey McKinley
Hancock County, Indiana WWI
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