Caudell-Simmons Cemetery

1050 N
Fortville, IN 46040

(Located on 1050N, which is the first road East of the Fortville Municipal Building 1 mile off of Hwy 67, or Broadway )

This list was mailed to the Fortville Library 14-Feb-1978 from Arthur E. Longerbone at L & L Electric Services Inc.

Caudell - Simmons Cemetery

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Applegate, Fannie Shaffer 1885 1963
Beaver, William 8-Aug-1838 12-Aug-1901
Bowers, Jacob 1839 1925 Co. F. 3 Ohio, Inf.
Brown, Bertha A. 26-Jan-1880 7-May-1881
Carroll, P.H. 29-Jul-1845 16-Jul-1898
Caudell, David 12-Jul-1817 6-Nov-1894
Caudell, Hannah 1-Aug-1870 Wife of David
Caudell, John 1772 1839
Caudell, John F. 25-Feb-1848 21-Oct-1913
Caudell, Louisa E. 18-Oct-1851 29-Jan-1922
Caudell, Mina M. 6-Nov-1877 Dau. Of H.J. & F.L.
Caudell, Susan 1782 1857
Caudell, William J. 2-Feb-1871 7m Son of J.F. & L.E.
Chappell, Eva no dates
Chappell, Frankie no dates
Chappell, Thomas 26-Sep-1879 30y
Clark, Henry no dates Co. E. 155 Ind. Inf.
Clark, Mack 15-Oct-1870 13-Mar-1909
Clark, Nola M. 15-Jul-1875 7-Mar-1899
Collins, Hepsabeth M. 1832 1919
Collins, William 1828 1910
Conger, Clinton E. 1885 1918
Conger, Hollie 25-Sep-1905 19-Sep-1912 Dau. Of C.E. & M.E. Conger
Cottrell, Effie Dell 29-May-1878 28-Sep-1901 Wife of J.T.
Cottrell, Inez Fay 26-May-1901 28-Aug-1901 Dau. Of E. & J.
Cottrell, J.T. 16-Oct-1871
Cox, John 2-Jun-1877 4m Son of J.H. & M.E.
Crouch, Alberta 1846 1866 "Daughter"
Crouch, Francis 1821 1901
Crouch, Jane C. 1823 1903 Wife of Francis
Cushman, Issac 7-Mar-1898 84y
Cushman, Ida T. 17-Apr-1891 28-Dec-1891
Cushman, John E. 1-Jun-1893 5-Sep-1901
Cushman, John F. 2-Mar-1847 30-Aug-1934
Cushman, Louisa 27-Aug-1860 17y Dau. Of I. & S.
Cusman, Mary C. 21-Aug-1850 13-Feb-1889
Cushman, Nancy 17-Aug-1851 6y Dau. Of I. & S.
Cushman, Sarah J. 30-Jan-1911 90y
Cushman, Thomas Oct-1839 57y Husband of Elizabeth
Cushman, William 20-Oct-1853 1y Son of Sarah
Davis, Lydia 4-Aug-1851 16-Dec-1916 Wife of Marshall
Davis, Marshall 22-Mar-1852 31-May-1930
Deatley, John J. 29-May-1851 14-Jul-1910
Deatley, Sarah 18-Nov-1857 26-Mar-1925 Wife of John
Doty, Charles 8-May-1824 3-Oct-1898
Doty, Della Grose 3-Oct-1875 14-Apr-1897 "Daughter"
Doty, Susannah 11-Aug-1834 7-Feb-1908 Wife of Charles
Duzan, (Infant) no dates Dau. Of J. & R.
Duzan, Mary M. 2-Mar-1840 21-Mar-1913
Duzan, Oscar F. 5-Jun-1849 4-Jan-1905
Duzan, Rosa B. 8-Apr-1869 12-Feb-1905 Wife of Jasper
Fausset, Jas. H. no dates Co. G. 12 Ind. Inf.
Fort, Mary 23-Apr-1902 71y Wife of William
Fort, William 20-Jan-1891 60y Soldier
Foster, Ruth 1-Mar-1887 28-Jul-1888 Dau. Of U.G. & H.H.
Glenn, Alfred 11-Mar-1897 82y
Glenn, Ellen 17-Oct-1904 83y
Gwinn, Charles D. 1858 1882
Gwinn, Elizabeth McFee no dates 98y Sister of Leah Conger
Gwinn, Jane 1824 1903
Gwynn, Marselles M. 22-Aug-1861 2-Feb-1902
Gwynn, Martha A. 1859 1925
Haygood, Billie Joan 1931 1952
Heper, John H. 1846 1929
Hood, Charles 12-Oct-1868 69y
Hood, Mary 15-Aug-1873 Wife of Charles
Hood, Richard 13-Jan-1859 7y Son of C. & M.
Humbles, Steven 5-Oct-1892 89y
Hunter, (Infant) 5-Jun-1887
Hunter, Ezra David 20-Sep-1904 24-Jan-1906
Hunter, George F. 1908 1916
Huston, Attie I. 30-Sep-1885 13-May-1932
Jarvis, Noah 14-Jun-1835 10-Jun-1909 Soldier
Jarvis, Sarah 24-Nov-1839 6-Jun-1909
Johnson, James E. 1941 Son of Sarah Johnson
Johnson, (Infant) 1943 Son of Sarah Johnson
Kingen, Margaret 27-Jul-1887 22y Wife of Allen
Kingen, Eleanor 30-Nov-1860 23y Wife of Vamas
Kinnaman, Peter A. 1863 1936
Kinnaman, Tenia 1867 1917 Wife of Peter
Lamb, Alvers 9-Oct-1894 55y Husband of E.A. Lamb
Lamb, John W. 26-Apr-1895 33y
Lambert, Ronald 9-Dec-1939 10-Dec-1939 Son of Roscoe
Larrew, John Mar-1791 6-Sep-1869
Larrew, Margaret 3-Jul-1781 23-May-1858 Wife of John
Larrew, Margaret 4-Dec-1824 25-Aug-1848 Dau. Of J. & M.
Lawson, (Infant) 17-Feb-1881 4m Son of J. & M.
Lawson, Maggie 19-Aug-1887 40y Wife of John
Leonard, (Infant) 14-Jan-1871 1m
Lindamood, Clarence 1807 Infant, Brother of Jessie
Lindamood, Elizabeth A. 20-Nov-1873 27-Nov-1915 Wife of J.
Lindamood, Jessie 10-Oct-1896 Infant, Son of J.J. & E.A.
Lindamood, John J. 22-Sep-1864 22-Dec-1864
Lundsford, Francese 11-Mar-1896 18y Wife of J.J.
Lundsford, James 10-Sep-187? 33y
Manford, Alice 1865 1939
Manford, Nancy 11-Jun-1840 24-Mar-1902
Manford, William J. 20-Oct-1827 24-Mar-1916 88y
Meeker, Carrie Apr-1878 Dau. Of R. & S.
Merrill, Joseph 10-Aug-1860 29-Sep-1861 Son of J. & M.
Merrill, Margaret 19-Sep-1857 15-Aug-1858 Dau. Of J. & M.
McDaniel, Sarah 1867 no date Wife of T.
McDaniel, T. 1862 1942
Oberdurf, Rebecca 22-May-1855 9-Mar-1901
Piper, Harriett A. 1837 1904
Piper, Martha J. 1833 1905
Prickett, Elli 1866
Prickett, Etta 17-Feb-1865 27-Feb-1920 Wife of Galvin
Prickett, Galvin 12-Sep-1865 26-Dec-1937
Prickett, George 23-Mar-1866 76y
Prickett, George 26-Aug-1860 20y
Prickett, Hiram Feb-1838 6w Infant, Son of G. & M.
Prickett, Josiah 3-May-1872 48y
Prickett, John Apr-1837 6m Infant, Son of G. & M.
Prickett, Marion N. 22-Nov-1861 12-Apr-1878 Son of J. & E.
Prickett, Martha 20-Jul-1860 13y Dau. Of G. & M.
Prickett, Meredith 22-Nov-1861 12-Oct-1876 Son of J. & E.
Rambo, Sarah J. 16-Apr-1900 61y Wife of John
Rush, Laura May Cheek 1873 1895 Dau. Of W.
Rush, James no dates Sargent, 15 Ind. Inf.
Scott, Charles W. 8-Nov-1893 24y
Schultheis, John 4-Apr-1817 12-May-1904
Simmons, Armilla S. 30-Oct-1898
Simmons, Clara S. 27-Jan-1897
Simmons, John J. 16-May-1873 60y
Simmons, Melinda S. 8-Oct-1895
Sitton, Dan 1869 1951
Sitton, Sadie 1875 19??
Shaffer, Bessie 1880 1943 With John L.
Shaffer, Hannah 1862 1947 With John L.
Shaffer, Hiram 21-Sep-1845 28-Jul-1911 Soldier
Shaffer, (Infant) no dates Son of Mary & Charles
Shaffer, Janea 27-Jul-1878 3m Dau. Of H.R. & M.
Shaffer, John L. 1880 1941
Shaffer, John W. 1858 1902
Shaffer, Mary C. 24-Oct-1849 2-Mar-1874 Wife of Hiram
Shaffer, Mary J. 11-Feb-1883 25y Wife of Charles
Shaffer, Minerva 25-Jul-1848 6-Jun-1904 Wife of Hiram
Shull, Anna M. 18-Aug-1881 3-Nov-1917 Wife of Edward
Shull, Azel 1830 1914
Shull, David 18-Apr-1895 48y
Shull, Edwoard N. 20-Oct-1866 13-Jan-1935
Shull, Elizabeth 1844 1920 Wife of Azel
Shull, Gladys Marie 1913 1916 Dau. Of Ed
Shull, John 1842 1911 Soldier
Shull, Laura V. 4-Sep-1869 19-Feb-1904 Wife of Ed
Shull, Mary A. 18-Mar-1876 4m Dau. of John & Mary C.
Shull, Mary C. 1855 1936
Shull, Nancy M. 1-Sep-1842 18-Jan-1918
Shull, Rhoda 22-Feb-1865 Dau. Of William J. & Nancy M.
Shull, Sarah 10-Jan-1841 17-Feb-1923 82y Wife of David
Shull, William H. 5-Nov-1864 25-Feb-1865
Shull, William J. 15-Dec-1836 3-May-1924 Soldier
Smith, Rhoda May 1881 76y Wife of J.S.
Stuart, Elizabeth 27-Jan-1834 6-Jun-1898
Stuart, Martha Elizabeth 22-Aug-1901 29-Aug-1902 Dau. Of Gus & Rose Stuart
Stuart, Dr. J.C. 25-Sep-1825 7-Oct-1898
Swope, Lillie B. 10-Aug-1858 21-Oct-1905
Swope, Mary 17-Oct-1823 10-Jun-1909 Wife of Michael
Swope, Michael Aug. 1822 23-Apr-1902
Thoman, Alice G. 1893 1933
Torrence, Charles C. 17-Oct-1887 25-Sep-1901 Son of Ruben & Laura
Torrence, Laura M. 1804 1909 "Mom"
Torrence, Margaret Jan-1892 58y Wife of Wood T.
Torrence, Ruben J. 1864 1940 "Father"
Torrence, Wood 13-Nov-1934 Pvt. 9 Inf.
VanLanningham, Alice 24-Mar-1858 5-Jul-1910 52y3m11d
VanLanningham, Clay 24-Feb-1860 11-Jan-1934 73y10m18d
VanLanningham, (Infant) 6-Dec-1886 Infant
Wallace, Amos 29-Aug-1817 19-Mar-1886
Wallace, Anna 5-Jul-1825 18-Nov-1902 Wife of Amos
Warrick, David 28-Feb-1863 60y
Watkins, Sallie M. 1906 1973
Watkins, Vernon F. 1899 1963
Watkins, (Infant) 1925 Infant Boy
Watkins, (Infant) 1927 Infant Girl
Watkins, (Infant) 1929 Infant Girl
Wiley, G.G. 11-Mar-1880 17-Sep-1898 Co. D 158th IN. Inf.
Wisenheart, Mary 14-Jan-1878 30y Wife of Sam
Wisenheart, Samuel 8-Feb-1881 78y
Wisenheart, William H. 26-Feb-1903 2m Son of S & M
Whelchel, E.T. 5-Jul-1846
Whelchel, Francis M. no dates Co. E. 155 Ind. Inf.
Whelchel, Louisa 27-Sep-1851 19-Mar-1914
Wood, Dicy A. 9-Apr-1847 9-Oct-1912 Soldier
Woods, Lydia Ann 1879 1960
Woods, Oba H. 1875 1951
Woods, Eli H. 6-Feb-1910
Woods, Jerald Daniel 3-Apr-1976 8-Apr-1976 5d
Woods, Margaret A. 1-Jun-1916
Woods, Chester R. 5-Nov-1918 21-Apr-1920
Woods, (Infant) 26-Nov-1902 Infant Girl
Wright, Lavina 16-Mar-1833 19-Oct-1907 Wife of Louis
Wright, Louis 7-Jul-1826 12-Mar-1885
Wright, William N. 16-Mar-1866 23-Dec-1901 Son of Louis & Lavina