Fort Cemetery

Fortville, IN 46040
(Hamilton County)

Located on 1025 S.
Turn left in front of Gravel Lawn, wind your way along 1025 S.
Cemetery is less than 1/2 mile from Hwy 238.

The land for this cemetery originally belonged to Peter Staats (1806-1869). Mr. Staats gave the land to the Methodist Church in 1841. A log church was built and it was called Staat's cemetery and church. When the town of Fortville was founded in 1849 by Cephas Fort (1800-1869), the congregation moved into town. So the log church was torn down, and the logs were used for making sidewalks. The cemetery name was changed to West Staats. (Another smaller cemetery holds other Staat family members and was believed to be called East Staats, now Doty Cemetery.) Later the West Staats Cemetery was changed again to Fort Cemetery in honor of Cephas Fort who is buried there. Many other prominent families of early Fortville are buried here as well.

Historical information courtesy of Lloyd Fuqua.

The information and current list were made using 3 Fort Cemetery lists found on library shelf.

Two are obviously photocopied from books. Though no other information is given, they are believed to be 1) a record made my Dr. Earl Brooks in 1949-1950, and 2) a list by Patricia Gibbs in 1984, which alphabetized and indexed Dr. Brooks' work. The third list is an update made in 2001 by Judy Mehaffey.

Fort Cemetery

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Alford, Carl R. 13-Aug-1908 28-Jan-1909 Son of S.J. & Eva
Alford, Gertrude M. 1898 1917
Apple, Charles Homer 19-Feb-1902 31-Oct-1902 Son of W.W. & A.L.
Bates, Elizabeth (Whitaker) 1863 1914
Bell, Dale 1898 Son of H.F. & E.M.
Bell, Melvin L. 1839 1895
Bell, Rebecca 1840 1922
Blue, Alexander 1821 1899
Blue, Carl Wendel 1920 1924
Blue, (Infant) no dates
Blue, James Willard 1876 1924 Masonic Emblem
Blue, Mary E. 1838 1902
Blue, Nema L. 1931 1932
Blue, Nina C. 1931 1932
Byers, (Infant) 26-Jul-1903 Dau. Of W.E. & G.M.
Byers, James 2-Feb-1844 1-Jun-1925
Byers, Lucy A. 5-Mar-1847 19-Oct-1898
Burris, John K. 1868 1929
Canfield, Julia Ann (Burris) 1899 1931
Chapman, Joseph B. 20-May-1894 43y 21d
Collins, Adaline M. 2-Jul-1848 16-Apr-1849
Collins, Celia 1843 1877
Collins, Charles R. 24-Apr-1881 11y 1m 18d Son of Amaretta & J.E.
Collins, Christopher 9-Jan-1847 21-Jan-1925
Collins, Clarissa 28-Jan-1889 65y 4m 8d
Collins, Clarrissa no dates 78y Wife of John
Collins, Cora Alice 1871 1879
Collins, Elizabeth 20-Sep-1812 4-May-1894 Wife of William
Collins, Everett L. 6-Mar-1888 13y 2m 9d Son of Rettie & J.E.
Collins, John 8-Sep-1860 65y 4m 8d
Collins, John A. 18-May-1843 28-Feb-1922
Collins, Leroy 1854 1909
Collins, Martin Van B. 1840 1920
Collins, Mary D. 14-Jan-1852 7-Jan-1906
Collins, Nancy 3-Oct-1846 9-May-1864
Collins, Nancy L. 29-Nov-1776 25-Feb-1865 Wife of William
Collins, Rachel M. 7-Aug-1849 14-Mar-1897 Wife of John A.
Collins, Retta L. 1845 1894
Collins, William 20-Nov-1776 25-Feb-1865
Collins, William 29-Dec-1812 27-Mar-1892
Collins, William 22-Feb-1842 70y 11m 21d
Collins, William F. 29-Oct-1844 2-Aug-1906
Cox, Francis L. 1870 1915
Cox, John R. 1872 1915
Cox, Nannie 29-Nov-1879 2-Oct-1932
Crosley, Claude Hosp Corp Spanish-American War 1898
Crubaugh, May (Eastes) 1886
Davidson, Jincy A. 3-Feb-1850 18y 4m 11d c/o Henry S.
Dillman, Archie 1890 1892
Dilleman, Benny 1888 1889
Dillman, Faye 1904 1910
Dillman, Goldie 1886
Dillman, Walter T. (Tommy) 1892 1915
Dunn, Bethany P. Jul-1807 7-Jun-1847 Wife of James
Dunn, James E. 28-Oct-1881 2-Jul-1907
Dunn, Martha E. 19-Mar-1854 7-Jun-1913 Wife of William H.
Dunn, Mary Frances 26-Oct-1880 10-Oct-1899 Dau. Of W.H. & M.E.
Dunn, William H. 8-Aug-1848 19-Jun-1908
Dunn, William 7-Mar-1877 3m 2d Son of W.H. & Martha E.
Eastes, Charles F. 5-Oct-1877 22-Aug-1915
Eastes, Elvira 1857 19??
Eastes, James A. 24-Apr-1839 11-Mar-1913 G.A.R.
Eastes, Julia A. 22-Oct-1839 13-Oct-1930
Eastes, Mary J. 1836 1927
Eastes, Sylvester 1849 1932 Hus. Of Elvira
Eakin, Anna C. 1870 1903
Eakin, Dorothy L. 5-Dec-1902 1903
Eakin, Elizabeth Leora 17-Jul-1901 9-Sep-1901 Dau. Of J.W. & Anna
Eakin, Henry Aldus 9-Feb-1900 1-Jul-1900 Son of J.W. & Anna
Eakin, (Infant) 21-May-1915 Son of A.W. & E.H.
Eakin, John W. 1871 1929
Eakin, Leoma no dates
Elder, William H. 23-Jun-1899 53y
Evans, Clinton Earl 1888 1909
Evans, Cory E. 20-Nov-1899 1-Feb-1919
Evans, Edward Carl 1890 1891
Evans, Fern H. 11-Jun-1902 31-Jan-1919
Evans, (Infant) 2-May-1915 Son of J.W. & E.H.
Evans, Iva Eleanor 1886 1894
Evans, John C. 3-Jan-1839 4-Mar-1918
Evans, Joseph E. 26-May-1878 10m 5d Son of J.
Evans, Martha Audre 1897 1905
Evans, Mary W. 7-Feb-1837 13-Oct-1915
Evans, Matilda 14-Aug-1876 1y 1m 10d Dau. Of J.C. & M.H.
Fivecoat, Evelyn H. 1920
Girt, David J. 1857 1924
Girt, Ella 5-Oct-1889 31y 1m 22d Wife of W.H.
Girt, Jesse 1885 1904
Girt, Laura E. 1860 1913
Girt, Roy 1887 1889
Girt, William H. 1855 1922
Gray, Mina M. 1883 1915
Grist, Edgar 28-Oct-1882 1y 1m 24d Son of Simon & Sidney
Grist, Frances 27-Jan-1822 18-Oct-1908
Grist, George 11-Jun-1820 18-May-1896
Grist, (Infant) 1906 Son of Geo. & O.O.
Grist, Mary Jane 11-Oct-1868 17y 5m 21d Dau. Of George & Frances
Grist, Matilda L. (Tillie) 1859 1910
Grist, Noel Franklin 1905 Son of Geo. & O.O
Grist, Sarah Elizabeth 8-Nov-1862 14y 3m 16d Dau. Of G. & F.
Hamilton, James A. 15-Jan-1873 48y 8m 7d
Harvey, Clarence V. 21-May-1900 7-Jan-1901 Son of E.B. & G.M.
Harvey, Lena M. 1895 1911
Hardin, (Infant) 1924 (Marguerite P. & Basil)?
Hawkins, Augusta 31-Oct-1842 20-Apr-1902 Wife of Louis
Hawkins, Louis A. 1849 1928
Huffer, Eliza Ann 1829 1864 Wife of Jacob
Huffer, Jacob 1830 1871
Huffer, Samuel 1785 1864 "Grandfather"
Jay, Barzillia 20-Dec-1794 XXXX
Jay, Jane 25-Sep-1804 31-Jan-1875
Jay, Martha A. Dec-1833 30-Apr-1850
Jay, John H. illegible Son of Barzillia Graves
Jay, Orville 14-Jan-1890 29-Jan-1904
Jay, Pearl H. 8-Jun-1899 XXXX
Jay, Susan F. 7-Mar-1842 7-Apr-1842 Dau. Of B.G. & J.
Lane, (Infant) 1-Apr-1897 5-Apr-1897 Son of W.M. & A.M
Lane, John 25-Jan-1829 2-May-1904
Lane, Priscilla A. 25-Jul-1837 14-Apr-1920
Leslie, Edith M. 1896 1929
Leslie, Martha E. 1843 1921 Wife of Samuel
Leslie, Samuel 1837 1914
Low, Mary 1864 1886
Low, (Infants) no dates Three Infants
Millard, Frank 12-Feb-1865 11m 9d Son of B.F. & C.A.
Millard, George 18-May-1874 7y 4m 3d Son of B.F. & C.A.
Millard (Infant) 3-Aug-1872 4-Aug-1872 Son of B.F. & C.A.
Millard, Matilda 10-Sep-1874 1y 12d Dau. Of B.F. & C.A.
Mitchell, Floyd 19-Jan-1896 4y 1m 5d
Mitchell, Henrietta 28-May-1891 5m 2d Dau. Of H.H. & R.L.
Mitchell, Henry H. 1851 1929
Mitchell, Rhoda Alice 19-Sep-1889 8-Mar-1909 19y 5m 19d
Mitchell, Rhoda L. 1855 1933 Wife of Henry H.
Philpott, (Infant) no dates
Philpott, (Infant) no dates
Philpott, John 6-Aug-1841 Son of Hanna
Philpott, William 18-Feb-1795 3-Sep-1858
Plessinger, Charles O. 1855 1931
Plessinger, Ellen E. 1862 1920 Wife of Charles
Roney, Ada Grace 1875 1921
Renforth, Ellen 1826 1910 Wife of Thomas S.
Renforth, Thomas S. 1827 1906
Reynolds, Maggie J. 1866 1898
Reynolds, Martha M. 8-May-18?? 2-Oct-1894
Russell, William L.N.B. 8-Oct-1899 5y 8m 7d
Scotton, Frank E. 1860 1930
Scotton, Georgeanna 1870 1899
Scotton, Recreana 18-Aug-1899 29y Wife of N.E.
Shelby, Nancy A. 12-Jul-1880 26y 10m 11d Wife of Samuel
Shelby, Oscar D. 29-Aug-1880 1y 10d Son of S.N. & N.A.
Smith, (Infant) 23-Mar-1898
Smith, Minnie 1901 1902
Smith, Ollie O. 1879 1930
Stoner, Elizabeth Marie 13-Nov-1899 15-Jul-1900 child of E.N. & Clara
Stoner, Margaret Evelyn 31-May-1910 10-May-1911 child of E.N. & Clara
Sutphin, Nola O. 1889 1y 11m 6d Dau. Of Jno & Minnie
Wallace, John F. 27-Jun-1860 7-May-1928
Wallace, Samuel E. 1-Feb-1868 22-Jan-1919
Whitecotton, Charley W. 1860 1902
Whitecotton, Herman 11-Jul-1890 3-Nov-1890
Whiteside, Cal O. 26-Apr-1874 3-May-1877
Whiteside, Ida M. 28-Dec-1870 2y 2m 1d
Whiteside, Jennie E. 14-Feb-1871 5m 24d
Whiteside, Maude M. 1884 1920
Whiteside, Oliver 3-May-1846 12-Jan-1911
Whiteside, Susan L. 15-Dec-1852 23-Feb-1929
Whiteside, William G. 25-Apr-1897 7y 5m 12d
Wickers, Freda 1896 1897
Wickers, Hilda 7-Dec-1888 13-Dec-1889 Dau. Of F.J. & L.M.
Wickers, L.F. 1902 1903
Wickers, Rosetta 15-Oct-1882 26-Feb-1891 Dau. Of F.J. & M.
Wright, Amanda A. 1843 1909 Wife of Josephus
Wright, Carl Dewayne 1911 1919
Wright, Catherine Marie 1919 1929
Wright, Charley E. 1867 1915
Wright, Daisy Belle 5-Sep-1890 18y 10m 18d Dau. Of J. & A.A.
Wright, Elizabeth 1901 89y Wife of Joseph
Wright, Harley 9-Aug-1878 9-Aug-1896
Wright, Henry 28-Nov-1838 10-Jun-1916
Wright, Isom 29-Mar-1841 13-Dec-1928
Wright, John 13-Feb-1855 14y 8m 20d Son of William & Margaret
Wright, John F. 11-Dec-1869 11-Sep-1909 Son of J. & A.A.
Wright, John W. 8-Jan-1855 19y 8m 27d Son of Joseph and Elizabeth
Wright, Joseph 12-Nov-1891 80y
Wright, Josephus 20-Dec-1893 51y 11m 10d Hus. Of Amanda
Wright, Laura M. 1871 1924
Wright, Margaret 24-Sep-1878 65y 3m Wife of William
Wright, William 8-Aug-1815 (?) 15y 11m 23d
Wright, William 8-Aug-1847 35y 3m 28d