18 S. Main

Type: Commercial Building, 20th Century Functional, c.1900

Closed 1940 J. F. Johnson' Drug Store - John F. Johnson
1940-1966 Coon's Drug Store
also called Coon's Rexall Drugs
This store was famous for its soda fountain.
1946  John Call Attorney at Law
Above the drug store?
1966-1973 Fortville Pharmacy
Jim Russell - 1966
Jake Leonard
This store moved to 425 W. Broadway in 1973
Nov. 1974 Betsy Lynn Fashions, Ladies Apparel Shop
March 1978 Fantasy Island Florist
July 1981 Jackson's Tools and More - Kenny & Gina Jackson 
Dec. 1982 Russell's Craft Shop
1983 The Galleria 
Oct. 1983 Tinkers Brass and Crafts
May 1984 Don's Curio & Gift Shop 
 July 1988 Fortville Pool and Spa
also called Fortville Water Conditioning
2009 Kass & Kerrie's Play Room 
 2011 Touche a Tout Playroom - Sandra Gurendo