Reeves Cemetery

375 N
Greenfield, IN 46140

(Located near the corner of 375N & Fortville Pike.)
Center Township, Hancock County 16N Range 6E.

James Reeves sold part of his land for 50 cents to the Brandywine Baptist Church
on May 9th, 1835 for their Meeting House, school & cemetery.

List Compiled by: Thelma B. Cunningham in December 1984
Other names added courtesy of Sue Rhoads at Gravel Lawn Cemetery

Reeves Cemetery

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Alexander, Elizabeth 26-Oct-1836 27y 4m 10d
Alexander, Missouri 13-Oct-1860 26-Apr-1906 Wife of T.H.
Alexander, Roy J. 1894 1956
Allen, (Infant) Feb. 1865 2y 7d G.W. & M.
Amick, Leander W. 8-Mar-1854
Ammon, Adam 22-Jul-1851 15y 5m 28d Son of John & Nancy
Baker, Lucinda C. 26-May-1874 20y 4m 7d Wife of Jethro
Baker, Anthony R. 12-Aug-1874 1y 2m 2d
Barnard, 1884 1920 "Mother"
Bridges, Mahalot 16-Apr-1819 27y 7m 4d
Bringer, Sally 6-Oct-1840 77y 10m 13d Wife of Morgan
Brizendine, Harriet 2-Sep-1857 20y 11m 24d Wife of Brammie
Brizendine, Isaac 9-Apr-1835 11-Jun-1901
Brizendine, Rebecca 27-Jun-1833 10-Aug-1923
Brizendine, Ora 4-Nov-1876 28-Sep-1878
Brizendine, Perley 28-Oct-1875 19-Aug-1876
Brizendine, (Infant) 18-Mar-1872 Infant, Child of F.M. & R.F
Brizendine, (Infant) 29-Aug-1887 Infant, Child of F.M. & R.F
Brizendine, Angeline 11-Apr-1862
Brizendine, Levi 25-Sep-1851 8m 4d
Brooks, Anne M. 8-Sep-1890 4-Mar-1895
Brooks, Samuel Co. B. 8 Ind. Inf.
Bussel, William H. 29-Nov-1972 22y 7d
Campbell, Sarah J. 22-May-1887 76y 16d
Caudell, Lydia 5-Oct-1869 18-Dec-1910 Wife of Alford
Clark, Winnie 25-Nov-1828 5-Jul-1899 Wife of Henry
Cooper, Daniel H. 14-Jan-1867 15-Aug-1931
Cooper, Phoeberosa 31-Aug-1865 26-Apr-1932
Cooper, Elbert 1931 1993
Cooper, Margaret No dates on stone.
Cooper, Rader No dates on stone.
Cottrell, John 2-Dec-1855 17-Apr-1935
Cottrell, Nettie 30-Aug-1878 9-Jun-1927
Cox, Madison M. 13-Aug-1834 26-Aug-1908
Cox, Mary J. 24-Oct-1842 25-Nov-1895
Cox, Russell A. 1913 Son of Ozra & Sarah
Cox, Sarah M. 26-Aug-1878 1y 10d Dau. Of W.R. & M.E.
Cragan, Asbury 31-Jan-184- 1m 9d Child of W.R. & Elizabeth
Cragan, Elizabeth 16-Apr-1844 4y 6m 14d Child of W.R. & Elizabeth
Cragan, Melissa J. 15-Apr-1874 29y 16d
Cragan, T.M. 17-May-1874 21y 7m 16d
Cragan, Sarah C. Stone on ground
Cragan, W.P. 7-Jul-1862 42y 11m 20d
Cragan, (Infant) 13-Aug-1858 "Son"
Craner, Sarah Ann 14-Jan-1857 28y 3m 7d Wife of George
Craner, Roena M. 29-Jun-1855 1y 3m 28d "Daughter"
Cutis, Elisha 31-Dec-1840 12-Nov-1900
Curtis, Temperance 14-Sep-1845 23-Jul-1918
Curtis, James V. 19-Mar-1886 20y 7m 20d
Dennis, George W. 9-Jul-1879 43y 5m 26d
Dennis, Addie M. 6-Aug-1873 6y 6m 14d "Daughter"
Denny, Charles R. 29-Aug-1847 6-Mar-1907
Denny, Ellen 7-May-1876 28y 9d
Denny, Jessie 26-Aug-1873 1y 4m 6d
Denny, (Infant) 14-Oct-1873 1m 5d
Denney, George Co. C. 12th Ind. Inf.
Deshong, David 22-Sep-1848 21-Jun-1921
Deshong, Marion W. 28-Apr-1847 7-Jul-1930
Deshog, James W. 1869 1919
Deshong, Amanda 1870 1951
Dobbins, Elvina Wife of Milas J.
Dobbins, Enoch 1839 1898
Dobbins, Ominda 1847 1934
Dobbins, John W. 32-Dec-1898 47y 4d
Dobbins, Susannah 22-Apr-1915 80y 9m 18d
Dobbins, Walter 1874 1937 "Brother"
Dobbins, Marion E. 1867 1924
Dobbins, Angiel 9-Dec-1870 11-Feb-1903 Wife of M.E.
Dobbins, (Infant) 5th-Jan-1903 Son, Lived Jan 3rd-5th, 1903
Dobbins, Elemero 31-Jan-1894 9m 5d
Dorman, Robert O. 1882 1942
Dorman, Ethel L. 1886 1977
Dorn, Adolph 1915 1915
Dorn, Christopher No dates on stone
Dorn, Stephen No dates on stone
Dorn, Barbara No dates on stone
Eakin, Charles O. 1861 1940
Eakin, Laura M. 1865 1939
Eakin, (Son) 22-Jul-1898
Eakin, (Son) 22-Jul-1898 29-Jul-1898
Eakin, (Daughter) 29-Aug-1890
Edwards, Kiziah 8-Mar-1896 68y Wife of J.
Elsbury, George 1864 1942
Elsbury, Ida 1871 1932
Frazier, Asner 26-Mar-1874 56y
Frazier, Nancy J. 8-Jun-1869 38y
Frazier, John R. 9m
Frazier, Margaret
Frazier, Charly T. 20-Aug-1868 3m
Frazier, Jessie 1880 1944
Frazier, Jesse W. 1855 1917
Frazier, Sarah V. 1858 1940
Frazier, John R. 1856 1908
Frazier, Laura Nee Jackson 1861 1940
Frazier, William 16-May-1823 28-Sep-1906
Frazier, Elizabeth 15-May-1823 26-Jul-1907
Fuller, Kelcie J. 12-Oct-1888 29-Jul-1961
Fuller, Pealy 17-Jul-1882 16-Dec-1892
Fuller, Neoma 5-Mar-1893 26-Dec-1893
Fuller, (Infant) 5-Mar-1900 Infant
Fuller, James 18-Jul-1850 22-Jan-1924
Fuller, Margrett E. 10-Mar-1847 20-Apr-1923
Galbraith, Charles 1892 1903
Galbraith, Kenny 1896 1899
Galbraith, Clara M. 1876 1940
Gant, James H. 1866 1896
Gant, Laura A. 1863 1922
Gant, James M. 1838 1920
Gant, Lauvinnie 1844 1920
Gant, Maran A. 7-Jul-1865 3y 9d "Daughter"
Gant, Jeremiah C. 27-Feb-1871 76y 4m 2d
Gant, Harriet E. 9-Feb-1842 36y 3m 22d
Gant, Eliza A. 4-Jan-1840 12y 5m 27d
Gant, James M. Sep-1836 2m
Gant, Maria 8-Oct-1875 69y 4m 10d Wife of J.
Gant, William 8-Jul-1868 63y 1m 26d
Gant, Louisa M. 15-Nov-1850
Gant, Sarah C. Unreadable
Glisson, Joseph M. 1852 1916
Glisson, Sarah E. 1855 1916
Glisson, Lula C. 17-Jul-1896 27y 4m 9d Wife of Eddie
Glisson, Lula E. 7-Sep-1898 2y 7d "Daughter"
Hagans, John H. 5-Dec-1830 8-Feb-1881
Hagans, Nancy 1-Feb-1836 26-Oct-1910
Haidon, Irene S. 1901 1941 "Mother"
Heck, Lewis C. 20-May-1885 26y 10m 18d
Hilligross, Addeen Reedy 1877 1910
Humfleet, Elizabeth 6-Aug-1838 7-Jul-1892
Humfleet, Gerald 1897 1920
Huston, James E. 7-Oct-10 12-May-1911
Jackson, Jenious C. 1856 1933
Jackson, Julia A. 1866 1916
Jackson, Indiana 31-Mar-1873 21y 8m 27d Wife of T.N.
Jackson, Sena 22-Apr-1852 22-Jan-1906 Wife of J.W.
Jackson, William V. 1856 1921
Jackson, Mary E. 1863 1932
Jefferson, John 22-Oct-1875
Johns, Andrews 9-Sep-1872 1y 4m 9d
Johnson, Mary Y. 21-Nov-1862 55y 9m 15d Wife of P. / Married 12-Nov-1829
Johnson, Mordecai 14-Jun-1901 70y
Johnson, Nancy 14-Jan-1902 72y
Jones, William 1867 1946
Jones, Mary L. 1870 1907
Kingen, Anna L. 14-Aug-1880 7y 3m 24d
Kingen, Martha A. 12-Jul-1858 25-Jul-1858
Kingen, Arthur 27-Feb-1878 1y 6m 26d
Kingen, Attie 1857 1949
Kingen, Leah Ora 1892 1920 "Daughter"
Kingen, James 22-Mar-1863 5-Mar-1947
Kingen, Louisa J. 17-May-1888 20y 3m 10d
Kingen, Samuel 1833 1916
Kingen, Mary E. 1840 1920
Kinge, Samie 1888 1983
Kingen, Dora L. 1891 1965
Kingen, William T. 5-Jun-1860 28-Oct-1908
Kingen, Mary O. 4-Nov-1870 21-Jul-1933
Kingen, Hiram R. 5-Mar-1890 31-Dec-1955
Kingen, Charles 1879 1948
Kingen, (Infant) 10-May-1883 10-May-1883 "Son"
Kingen, Julia 1926 1989
Kingen, J. Fred 24-Feb-1920 4-Apr-1995
Kingen, Dick 1924 2000
Kingen, Vivian 4-Apr-1922 ***
Kingery, Mary 1874 1918
Lain, Ina 8-Sep-1881 2-Feb-1906 Wife of John
Lain, William 15-Dec-1890 1y 11m 2d "Son"
Lain, Isaac 18-Nov-1846 6-May-1905
Lain, Lauesa 15-Aug-1855 10-Nov-1927
Lain, Fran 1881 1906
Lain, Grace 19-May-1883 1-Mar-1902
Lain, Otto 10-Sep-1880 24-Nov-1895
Leary, C. Pauline 1910 1983
Leary, David W. 15-May-1850 13m 11d Child of Thomas & Rebecca
Leary, Lewis M. 13-Oct-1844 Child of Thomas & Rebecca
Leary, (Infant) 25-Oct-1838 Child of Thomas & Rebecca
Leary, (Infant) 28-Apr-1852 "Son" / Child of Thomas & Rebecca
Leary, (Infant) 30-Sep-1871 Child of Thomas & Rebecca
Leary, Elizah 2-Feb-1848 42y 24d
Leary, Emily J. 12-Apr-1864 7y 5m 24d
Leary, Pauline 2-Apr-1863 1m
Leary, James H. 1871 1938
Leary, Clara B. 1872 1948
Leary, James H. 4-Sep-1891 79y 8m 20d
Leary, Neomi 17-Dec-1819
Leary, Laura Belle 1-Dec-1874 15y 3m 9d
Leary, John Jefferson 22-Oct-1874 26y
Leary, James W. 11-Apr-1879 65y 5m 3d
Leary, John M. 29-Jul-1841 19-Nov-1876
Leary, Joseph Lane 30-Aug-1871 1y 3m 13d
Leary, Josephine 9-Sep-1851 Dau. Of J.M. & N.
Leary, Levi 10-Mar-1865 55y 1m
Leary, Sarah 4-Jul-1851
Leary, Edith 5-Aug-1901 84y
Leary, Lucy M. Jackson 4-Apr-1897 Wife of Price
Leary, Martha May- (Precise date unreadable)
Leary, Sarah 22-May-1873 45y 9m 21d Wife of John
Leary, Louisa 23-Sep-1838 1y 11m 2d
Leary, Thomas B. 12-Mar-1866 1-Feb-1946
Leary, Maggie L. 30-Sep-1873 27-Jan-1954
Leary, Thomas J. 1816 1889
Leary, Marjorie 1834 1907
Leary, Louisa O. 1868 1884
Leary, Mary M. 4-Sep-1863 1y 25d
Leary, Thomas J. 22-Nov-1861 4m 20d
Leary, Rebecca 18-Feb-1860 44y 14d Wife of Thomas
Leary, William A. 28-Jul-1866 Child of J.W. & E.
Leary, -- 25-Jun-18-2 Child of J.W. & E.
Leary, Esther No dates
McClain, Allen 1846 1931
McClain, Zerada Ann 1844 1887
McConnell, Orville E. 1873 1934
McConnell, Julia G. 1876 1952
McConnell, Eileene Geneve 1919 1919
McConnell, William 6-Nov-1845 23-Feb-1906
McConnell, Marian F. 9-Feb-1845 2-Aug-1907
McGruder, Minerva 14-Nov-1863 1y 5m 1d Dau. Of J.A.
Magee, (Infant) 7-Aug-1844 16d
Magee, George 10-Aug-1818 18-Apr-1877
Magee, Caroline 4-Oct-1855
Magee, Josiah S. 5-Jan-1853 5y 2m 16d
Magee, William A. 26-Oct-1861 1-Jun-1883
Maroska, Rosa 13-Nov-1867 xxx (Date of death unreadable)
Maroska, Jesse A. Fuller 9-Jun-1893 28-Apr-1926
Marosky, Caroline M. 8-May-1884 31y 1m 4d
Marosky, Charles F. 5-Jan-1843 5-Nov-1915
Marosky, Sarah J. 11-Feb-1849 25-Nov-1917
Marosky, William R. 19-Jul-1902 32y3m18d
Merchant, William L. 1859 1931
Merchant, Elnora A. 1863 1955
Mills, Ezekial 3-May-1853 39y 2m 6d
Mills, Sibbel 25-May-1851 35y 1m 2d Dau. Of Abraham and Nancy Rhue
Mills, Mary 11-Sep-1873
Ogle, Marcus E. 16-Feb-1852 19-Jan-1944
Ogle, Mary F. 4-Nov-1850 1-Nov-1916
Olvey, William Thomas 1853 1898
Olvey, Sarah E. 1860 1943
Olvey, Elsie 1891 1908
Osbon, Melissa 1843 1925
Osbon, George O. Co. D 8 Ind. Inf.
Pierson, Hiram W. 1-Dec-1851 20y 5m 12d
Pierson, William 6-Dec-1841 50y 6m 3d
Pierson, Horace 29-Oct-1865 24y 8m 24d
Pilkenton, Sarah 18-Sep-1853 First Wife
Pilkenton, Sarah 31-Jan-1875 72y 8m 22d Second Wife
Pilkenton, Wiley 18-Jan-1876 79y 2m 29d
Pope, Anthony W. 1874 1936
Pope, Jennie L. 1879 1959
Pope, Robbie 4-Nov-1900 19-Nov-1913
Pope, Roy L. 2-Apr-1907
Pope, Sophia 15-Jun-1810 6-Dec-1876 66y 5m 21d Wife of Christian
Pope, William F. 10-Apr-1842 18-Jan-1910
Pope, Mary C. 10-Mar-1854 4-Sep-1894
Pope, Christian 17-Jun-1808 8-Feb-1891 82y 7m 2d
Pratt, James J. 1845 1915
Pratt, Louisa M. 1859 1919
Price, Ed 1872 1939
Price, Edward 18-Jul-1821 27-Jan-1903
Price, Sarah 23-Jan-1827 18-Jan-1859
Radcliff, William 8-Mar-1882 44y 8m 16d
Radcliff, Eliza J. 22-Jan-1882 42y 9m 5d
Reeves, Alston T. 2-May-1838 3-Feb-1915
Reeves, Elizabeth 12-Mar-1837 16-Apr-1925
Reeves, Thomas J. 11-May-1880 20y 7m 20d
Reeves, Amanda 1864 1919 Wife of J.H.
Reeves, Elizabeth Sep-1840 20y Wife of H.
Reeves, George 24-Mar-1863 56y 5m 7d
Reeves, Elender 19-Nov-1855 45y 9m 2d
Reeves, Sampson 22-Nov-1855 1y 3m 16d
Reeves, Maritetta 11-Aug-1845
Reeves, George W. 17-May-1846 12-Mar-1893
Reeves, Isabelle 28-Feb-1851 30-Jan-1925
Reeves, George W. 11-Feb-1860 Xy 1m 8d "Son"
Reeves, Harlan 2-Nov-1876 65y 2m 5d
Reeves, Elizabeth 9-Jan-1879 59y 4m 20d
Reeves, Lewis W. 9-Sep-1861 9y 7m 26d
Reeves, (Infant) 4-Sep-1844
Reeves, Sarah 12-Sep-1850 4m 15d
Reeves, James 5-Feb-1849 51y 10m 18d
Reeves, Elizabeth 24-Jan-1856 87y 2m 14d
Reeves, Harriet 21-Sep-1833 7y
Reeves, Elizabeth 17-May-1834 8y 9m 21d
Reeves, James L. 20-Nov-1849 4-Mar-1884 Husband of Laura E.
Reeves, Rosa A. 2-Jul-1876 27-Oct-1876
Reeves, Mariland Elaine 1-Dec-1941 12-Dec-1941 Dau. Of George & Helen
Reeves, Emanuel 3-Oct-1882 8-Oct-1882
Reeves, Gerorge H. 11-Dec-1868 1m 4d
Reynolds, J.F. 1846 1925 13 Ind. Cav. Co. 1 (1863-65)
Reynolds, Nancy J. 1853 1880 First Wife
Reynolds, Arther E. 1875 1877 "Son"
Reynolds, Sadie P. 1866 1917 Second Wife
Reynolds (Infant) "Son" (No dates)
Reynolds, William 4-Oct-1839 22-Jul-1917
Reynolds, Nancy A. 1-Mar-1836 21-Jun-1906
Rhue, Abraham 16-Sep-1853 81y 7m 7d
Rhue, Nancy 13-May-1871 61y
Rhue, Nancy 21-Feb-1849 20y 12d
Rhue, Hiram J. 10-Jul-1818 2-Nov-1907
Rhue, Margaret E.J. 16-Jul-1822 22-Mar-1853
Rhue, Elizabeth H. Roberts 15-Mar-1827 1-Apr-1904 77y 15d Second Wife
Roach, Anna 1832 1919
Robbins, Ephriam 5-Jun-1816 30-Oct-1880
Robbins, Caroline 8-Jun-1814 26-Jan-1877
Roberts, Harry A. 19-Mar-1894 27-Aug-1980
Roberts, Ethel 21-Jun-1895 5-Feb-1962
Roberts, Guy Wayne 23-Jan-1917 5-Mar-1917
Roberts, Joseph C. 1856 1938
Roberts, Sarah E. 1857 1934
Rumler, George M. 29-May-1862 19-Sep-1935
Rumler, Martha E. 26-Mar-1860 12-Apr-1909
Shipley, James C. 6-Feb-1871 3m 7d Son of T.M. & M.J.
Shore, Hayse 19-Apr-1911 21-Apr-1911 Son of L.E. & M.E.
Shott, Martha 10-Sep-1862 39y 2m 17d Wife of Wender
Smith, Thomas J. 5-Apr-1899 47y 8d
Smith, (Infant) No other information
Smith, Lena B. No other information
Smith, Catherine 6-Mar-1860 31-Oct-07
Snider, P. Cleve 1887 1968
Snider, Ada M. 1897 1933
Spoon, David 29-Jul-1846 22y 7m
Tague, Jacob 9-Feb-1849
Tague, Mary 3-Mar-1864 63y 29d
Tuttle, James 6-Oct-1839 19-Feb-1899
Tuttle, Sarah 2-Jul-1813 10-Nov-1892
Tuttle, John W. 1866 1951
Tuttle, Anna B. 1879 1967
Tuttle, Dale W. 1919 1953
Tuttle, Leonard E. 29-Sep-1905 2-Sep-1909
Tuttle, Joseph 10-Oct-1869 2-Oct-1897
Tuttle, Thomas 1838 1922
Tuttle, Martha 1846 1935
Walker, Julia 14-May-1895 74y 17d Wife of W.G.
Walker, Lucinda 14-Mar-1833 8-Oct-1906 Wife of George
Walker, Martha L. 9-Apr-1882 28y 3m 7d
Walker, Noble 3-Sep-1880 36y 9m 11d
Walker, Thomas 1850 1911
Walker, Mary B. 1858 1937
Walker, William A. 29-Apr-1879 31y 27d
Walker, (Infant) 10-Feb-1847 10d Daughter
Walker, Thompson 1-Jun-1851 1y 1m 21d Son
Wallace, James W. 28-Jun-1829 5-Feb-1906
Wallace, Martha J. 27-Aug-1841 25-Jun-1899
Wallsmith, William E. 1879 1957
Wallsmith, Emma C. 1878 1955
Whitaker, John D. 1-Aug-1849 8-Jan-1928
Whitaker, Glendora A. 8-Jun-1855 13-Dec-1922
Whitaker, Thomas H. 21-Dec-1882 21-Jun-1941
Winn, William 2-Aug-1851 62y 8m 19d
Wilson, Adam F. 1-Dec-1836 31-Mar-1920
Wilson, Elizabeth J. 15-May-1843 21-Mar-1907
Wilson, Jesse E. 1870 1918
Wilson, Nellie G. 1877 1967
Wilson, Frances G. 1906 1916
Wilson, Mary A. 14-Oct-1896 79y 7m 22d Wife of S.
Wilson, William H. 1869 1950
Wilson, Ellen M. 1874 1960
Wilson, Chester 1900 1901
Wilson Larry W. 1906 1969
Wilson, Ulysses 19-Apr-1865 21-Sep-1941
Wilson Ella Pope 21-Apr-1870 25-Mar-1908
Wilson, Stewart 23-Sep-1874 64y 6m 17d
Wood, B. Franklin 1840 1896
Wood, Mary E. 1848 1925
Wood, John 1880 1906
Wood, Lena L. 14-Mar-1871
Wood, C.E. 1863 1934 "Mother"
Wood, Iva L. Dau. Of B.F. & M.E. Wood (broken stone)
Wood, William H. 24-Jan-1849 14-Sep-1908
Wright, Amanda A. 19-Apr-1888 19y 11m 19d Wife of James C., Dau. Of B.F. & M.E. Wood
Wright, Bert J. 19-Sep-1864