World War II Vernon Township, Hancock Co., Indiana

The following list and photos were taken from a book called 'Service Record World War II: Fortville and Community' which was created at the end of the war by the American Legion Auxiliary in Fortville, Indiana. Funding was assisted by "Fortville and Vicinity Business Men". Soldiers and their families gave the publishers pictures and information about their service records.

This webpage is broken into three parts.

  1. Gold Star Boys - Those who lost their lives in WWII
  2. List of WWII Soldiers
  3. PDF File of the Soldiers' information

If you notice any mistakes or omissions, please, contact Rebecca @ the Fortville-Vernon Township Library.

Gold Star Boys
Vernon Township, Hancock Co. Men Who Lost Their Lives in WWII

Brown, Max E.
Entered Date/Location Sep. 21, 1945
Trained at: Parris Island, South Carolina, Cook and Bakers School, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina Death Date Jun. 30, 1946

North, Virgil James
Branch of Service Army
Entered Date/Location Apr. 1, 1940 - Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana Trained at: Camp Shelby, Mississippi (1 yr.); Jungle Fighting near New Orleans, Louisiana; Commando Fighting at Camp Carabelle, Florida (6 months); Camp Livingston, Louisiana (1 yr.) Overseas New Guinea (18 months) - by way of Panama Canal Battle Engagements Invasion of Leyte & Luzon Death Date Apr. 19, 1945 Notes Wounded in Zig Zag Pass - Feb. 1, 1945. Entered General Hospital Mar. 16th and passed away Apr. 19th on Biak Island M.

Colson, John P.
Branch of Service Air Corps Entered Date/Location Sep. 3 1942 - Anderson, IN
Trained at: Bowman Field, Louisville, Kentucky; Clovis, New Mexico, Florence Air Base, South Carolina; Fort Myers, Florida; Bruning Field, Nebraska; Topeka, Kansas Overseas Date: Jan., 1944 Served In: Italy & Africa Decorations Air Medal; 3 Oak Leaf Clusters Reported Missing Mar. 24, 1944

Ogle, Richard L.
Branch of Service Army
Rank Private 1st Class
Entered Date/Location Dec. 1942 Overseas 10 months
Served with: General Patton's 3rd Army - Member of Field Artillery. Served as Assistant Driver and Machine Gunner on Ammunition Trucks Death Date Mar. 8, 194X Notes Died of wounds received in Action in Germany F.

Duzan, Fred C. Jr.
Branch of Service 15th Air Corps Rank Staff Sergeant
Entered Date/Location Jun. 12, 1941 / Fort Benjamin Harrison
Trained at: Jefferson Barracks, Missouri; Atlantic City, New Jersey; Fort Myers, Florida Advanced Training Lowry Field, Denver, Colorado; Wendover, Utah; Gown Field, Boise, Idaho; Hammer field, Fresno, California
Overseas Date Jan. 1, 1944 Served In: Italy Battle Engagements 49 Missions over enemy territory - on 50th and last Mission, his plane was shot down at Lenz, Austria, Jul. 25, 1944 Reported Missing Jul. 26, 1945 Reported Death Date Jul. 26, 1946 Notes Completed Flying School at Fort Myers, Florida and presented his Wings. Was a victim of accident at Gowen Field and was in Bushnell General Hospital, Brigham City, Utah for 5 months. Completed training at Hammer Field after hospital release.

Sears, Billy D.
Branch of Service US Navy Rank Seaman 2nd Class
Entered Date/Location Nov. 8, 1943 Trained at: Great Lakes Training Station, Chicago, Illinois; Shoemaker, California Served Aboard: U.S.S. Birmingham CL-62 Battle Engagements Pacific Theatre Decorations Purple Heart
Death Date Oct. 24, 1944 Notes Killed in Action while helping fight a fire on Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Princeton, which resulted from an enemy bomb. The Ship's Captain, Lieutenant Commander, Abbot Peterson, Jr. conducted Military Services for Sears on Oct. 25 with burial at sea.

Kile, Wayne Dale
Branch of Service US Naval Reserve
Rank Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Battle Engagements Battle of Guadalcanal
Decorations Purple Heart; Victory Medal; American Campaign Medal; Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
Death Date Nov. 13, 1942
Notes Lost his life when the U.S.S. Juneau was sunk during the Battle of Guadalcanal

Willams, Jim
Branch of Service Army
Rank First Lieutenant
Entered Date/Location Jun. 1942 Trained at: Purdue, Indiana; Fort Monmouth, New Jersey; Camp Murphy, Florida; Camp Pinedale, California; Pacific Beach, Washington; Kelly Field, Texas; Fresno, California; Robins Field, Georgia
Overseas Date March, 1945 - December 1945 in the Air Service Command, stationed on Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Served As: Radar Officer at West Coast Stations from Feb. 1943 - Jul. 1944 Decorations Marksmanship Medal; Sharpshooter Medal Death Date Jul. 7, 1946

Nickel, Eugene Willis
Branch of Service Marine Corps Rank Private 1st Class
Entered Date/Location Feb. 14, 1943
Trained at: San Diego, California = 4 months
Served with: Sixth Marine Division Battle Engagements Midway, Makin, Tulagi, Guadalcanal, New Georgia, Russell, Bougainville, Caledonia, New Britain & others Death Date May 21, 1945 in Okinawa

List of WWII Soldiers from Vernon Township, Hancock Co., Indiana

Alford, James Godbey, Floyd J. McBane, Robert
Alleyne, Lawrence Stanley Godbey, Morris E. McCord, Chester, Jr.
Anderson, Don Goff, Jim McCord, Richard
Arnett, Joe M. Goodpasture, Billy McKay, Marion B.
Arnett, Owen Goudy, Jules Melton, Ray
Arthur, Russell E. Gurley, Ralph E. Mitchell, Kenneth
Bainter, Edgar Gwinn, Ralph H. Mock, Samuel C.
Bainter, Milton A. Hall, William D. Mollenkopf, Gene
Barnard, Carl Hardin, Donald R. Mollenkopf, Vaughn
Barrett, Lewis H. Hardin, Richard

Moran, John A.

Morgan, Charles

Barrett, Stuart Hauk, Lowell M.
Morris, John Worthington
Basey, Carl Hayes, Donald Neal, Wallace
Beck, Jack Hayes, Robert Noe, George
Beckley, Hollis Heche, Adrian E. North, Margaret
Beckner, Wilbur L. Hendrix, George Ogle, Ralph Otis
Benson, Warren Eugene Hendrix, Jarvis Olvey, George
Blackteer, Charles Hennis, Bill Perkins, James R.
Blanton, Robert Hennis, Lowell Perkins, Richard
Bolander, Max E. Hennis, Ralph Perkins, Thomas O.
Bonisa, Joe R. Henry, George M. Petty, Ingales
Bonisa, Robert Hershman, George T. Plain, Donald
Brandom, Tommy Hiatt, James R. Postrack, Joseph R.
Brantlinger, Virgil Hiatt, John Price, John R.
Bratten, Max H. Hiday, Duane Prickett, Forrestt
Brown, Quitman Hinnefeld, Edwin Rafert, Frank
Brown, Roy Jr. Hite, Ernest Rees, Lowell
Cauldwell, Ted Hochstedler, Clyde Reichenback, Robert L.
Clark, Joe T. Hochstedler, J. L. Rensforth, Phillip S.
Clark, Ted Hollenbeck, Calvin Richards, John
Coglan, Norman Humfleet, Robert, Jr. Richcreek, Joy B.
Cole, Roy Humphrey, John W. Ridge, Tom
Collins, Charles Hunt, Ralph Roche, James R.
Colvard, John S. Husdson, Bob Ross, Carl Thomas
Colvard, Samuel E. Hutcherson, Billie Rush, Emerson
Hutsel, William Rush, Reba L.
Conger, Charles Jackson, Elbridge B. Saville, Floyd
Conger, Clifford Jackson, Melvin Sewell, George William
Cooper, Fay Jackson, William Marvin Sewell, Raymond
Cooper, Pete Jarrett, Bob Sherman, Melvin
Corman, Newt Jarrett, Charles W. Sherman, Robert E.
Cowan, Harry A. Jarrett, Glenn Shull, Leslie
Cox, Robert Jarrett, Leon Shull, Oswald
Cramer, Harold Jarrett, Richard Shull, Raymond
Crosley, Edward L. Jarrett, Richard Lee Skinner, Benjamin F.
Davis, Elmer Dale Johnson, Bill Skinner, Charles
Davis, Forrest R. Johnson, William E., Sr. Smith, Morris
Davis, Robert R. Jones, Benjamin Franklin Stokes, Benjamin
Davis, Wilfred E. Keith, Claude Swinford, Marvin
Davis, William E. Kellermeyer, Henry Thacker, Earl B.
Dawson, Richard E. Kemerly, Billy Thomas, Claude E.
Dean, Melvin Kemerly, Herschel M. Todd, Ralph
Dean, Robert E. Kemerly, Leon E. Torrence, Robert
Dobbins, Billy Kemerly, Murl Glenn True, Charles
Dobbins, Jack C. Kemerly, Richard D. Tuttle, Charles
Dowden, Abraham Kingen, Dennis Tuttle, Charles J.
Dowden, William Kingen, John Ungeright, Irwin E.
Downing, Charles Kingen, Orville Valentine, Carl
Downing, Donald D. Kingery, Cecil Van Laningham, Avery
Durack, Paul H. Kingery, Frederick Venus, Frank
Durham, Virgil Kingery, Irvin Wallsmith, Claude
Duzan, Robert L. Kingery, Lewis Webb, Dean
Everitt, Harold F. Kingrey, Emerson Webb, Kenneth
Fair, Ernest Kroeckel, Richard E. Webb, Raymond E.
Ferrell, Glenn Kroeckel, Robert Webb, Scott
Ferrell, Mars Largent, Harry White, Carl M.
Flanagan, Laurence Franklin Lewark, Demoind G. Wiley, Fred E.
Fort, Edward E. Lewark, William E. Wiley, Orville C.
Fort, William Lindamood, Junior Wiley, Robert
Fouts, Lloyd Lindamood, Richard Wilson, Eugene
Freeman, Paul Manship, Earl Wiseheart, Richard
Fuqua, Joe Martin, Gilbert Woods, Gene
Garst, Edward Maynard, Claud E. Wright, Robert E.
Garst, Paul P. Maynard, Lester E. Young, Harry
Gault, Lawrence E. McAtee, Millard Young, William


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